Wednesday, August 26, 2009

WI yesterday........

and I was up .4 of a pound. It's ok though cause TOM was standing on the scale when I weighed. He called today to let me know that he'd be here tomorrow. YES......I totally can't wait to see him........NOT! I really hate TOM, but I won't dwell on that cause it gets old and I know that. My back hurts, my legs ache, but the worst problem is that he pokes me demon. Yes that's right TOM gets a big ole pointy stick and pokes.....and pokes........and pokes trying his hardest to wake that demon up so that they can be mean to me! I spent most of yesterday afternoon singing the stupid demon back to sleep after TOM KEPT POKING HIM!

Anyway, I'm fine........just feeling very fragile. After a good night's sleep in my hubby's arms, I'm sure I'll be good tomorrow. It usually only lasts one day.

Ok, sorry that this post was so disturbing and mental!

till next time..........I'll be unTHICKIN and sortaTHINNIN!

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