Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Pit of Despair........

I'm feeling very down today. Not sure why, unless it's the work of that nefarious evildoer TOM. I feel overwhelmed, despondent, and just plain sad and tired. I feel like I've got an insurmountable amount of weight to lose and I feel so incapable of doing it. I feel like even if I do manage to get it off, that it will just come right back like it has always done before. On the WW website they tell you not to get discouraged because it is a complete lifestyle change. To take it one day at a time because you've got the rest of your life to do this. Even that is overwhelming me today! I'm staying perfectly on the WW plan and shouldn't be feeling this way. I'm doing just great and I know that. BLAH!

I just feel very disconnected today. I'm ok, I'm not about to give up, I'm just very down today. Probably because my house is a wreck, we didn't get to bed until midnight last night (which is 4 hours beyond the time that we usually go to bed!!) I'm trying to plan our monthly menu.........BLAH! lol

I can't even describe how I feel other than overwhelmed. I know it's because of stupid TOM, I know it is. I get so messed up around when he's around!

Sorry this is a bit rambling and times I am a bit rambling and disturbed.........

till next time I'm still THICKIN but trying to get THINNIN!

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