Monday, August 10, 2009

Treadmill bay-be!

K, so yesterday we had to go to Granny Bob and Pop Pop's house to pick up the kid. I also picked up their treadmill so that it could come and live with me and get some exercise! It was diagnosed with high blood pressure and told that it needed to lose 70 pounds also.......we'll do it together! This morning I used it for the first time. Here's what I learned..........

1) Do NOT try to look behind you while rapidly walking on a treadmill! All I'm sayin is thanks to the fella who invented that little "key" that stops it in an emergency!
2) Do NOT look to the side either........I can only seem to keep my balance if I'm looking straight ahead at King of the Hill on the I the only one?
3) Switching up your cardio after doing the same thing for 5 weeks is a good thing........I sweated my oldies off!
4) When you get off of the treadmill for the first time after doing 25 minutes, you will feel a little bit like a pirate getting off the boat for the first time after 3 months at sea........gotta get yer land legs back!

It felt good. I even jogged for 2 full minutes..........look out J-Lo, I'll be runnin beside you in a marathon soon! Program One on the elliptical (dear sweet Program One, do you all remember my post from a few weeks ago about my buddy Program One?) doesn't work me very hard at all, so now I plan to do the treadmill Monday, Wednesday, and Friday along with my ab workout and my weightlifting program. Then on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday I'll do the dreaded and evil Program Two on the elliptical along with my other weight lifting routine. It's good!

Tomorrow is weigh day again (already) so I'll check in then!

Till next time......totallyunTHICKIN and so sweetlyTHINNIN!

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