Friday, March 2, 2012

Deep Thoughts.........Is Life Perfect?

Lately I've been having some deep thoughts from my shallow mind.  I love living here in Montana, it's a dream come true for me.  The Youngun is doing great and is starting Karate.  She has entered back into public school after a year and a half of un-schooling (yup that's what I said) and has straight A's.  The Man is thriving in his training as a ranch hand and I very much enjoy helping out in whatever capacity they need me.  I trust in my Heavenly Father fully and completely and know that if He should decide to send us somewhere else, we'll go willingly and faithfully.

But...........did you sense a but coming here??

I miss Champ.  I miss horses.  I miss critters of my own, but oh how I ache for horses.  Every day as I'm driving back the 14 miles from taking Pied and The Youngun to the bus, I gaze at the mountains, coulees, hills, and valleys and I hurt to ride them with an equine pal.  There is a herd of Quarter Horses along the road to the school bus and I ache to play with them.  I want to groom them, and talk to them, and work with them.  There are bays, and sorrels, and chestnuts, grullas, and buckskins.  There is one dapple grey mare with black points that I'd bring home in a second.  It's a herd of mostly broodmares and colts with a few geldings tossed in and I'm in love with them all.  I've tried to fall as in love with the cows, and they are very nice, but they fall far short of a horse.

Now you may be thinking that the point of this post was that life isn't perfect, but such is not the case.  As heavy as my heart sometimes gets without an equine pal, my entire being knows we are exactly where God wants us to be.  Life isn't always perfect from our perspective, but in God's divine plan it is exactly, perfectly what it should be.

Till next time............God Bless........