Thursday, August 13, 2009

Banana Butter and Salsa

Yesterday I made Banana Butter for the first time. It's pretty good but very very sweet. I wonder if I could make it with less sugar? I may have to do some research on that little topic!

My poor tomatoes just aren't doing well at all this year (as I've lamented in other posts). I got 6 pints of salsa made which will last us about 2 weeks! But that is ok, as every little bit helps and I'll have more, just not near as much as I've had in years past. My green beans are done for. They produced much longer than they usually do, the cool temperatures and plenty of rain (which is what is hindering my tomatoes) helped out alot!

Tulip is milking her little udder out! She is giving me right at 5 lbs a day, which isn't a huge amount but it is a respectable amount for a Kinder and way more than we can use. Some Kinders are gallon a day milkers and I have no clue what I'd do with that much milk! We have corrupted our neighbors into drinking goat milk and are pushing as much off on them as we can. Mr. Man neighbor is a big time milk drinker and he loves it so that's good, he is also tricking Mrs. Man neighbor into drinking it by putting it in her milk jug. I just love to introduce people to the wonder that is fresh raw milk!! I've milk frozen and canned as well and since Naomi is due in December we shouldn't have any trouble getting through when Tulip is dried off.

Well that's about it for today.........


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