Thursday, June 10, 2010

Going the Distance.........

K so today I attempted the 5 K distance.  No race just covered the miles.  I was able to jog almost the whole way!  Whoo hoo, go me!  I'm not proud of my time 45.36 but so what.......slow and steady wins the race right?  I'm short with short fat legs and less than 6 months ago I couldn't run for 60 seconds without thinking I was going to die!  I walked about the first 5 min to warm up and then I walk/jogged the last 1/2 mile.  I'm glad I tried it and I'm glad I did it.  I'd like to make a point to cover that distance once a week.  I'll do my regular 2 miles the other run days and then one day cover this loop.  It's up hill, down hill, over different terrain which is nice.  It's pretty cool that this loop from my driveway, out into the country, around to the highway, follow it back into town, then the back roads back to my driveway is exactly 3.1 miles so that's awesome!

Anyway, food isn't going to well.........I got nothing to say in my defense in that regard.  I made a poster with my slogan "Half ass efforts yield half ass results and will never get you half your ass!" and hung it up next to the computer.  I also made a poster of No No foods and hung that on the cabinet. 

As I've mentioned before, my motis apperandi is losing rather easily, then gaining.  There never seems to be middle ground with me.  It's a super ball.....quickly down, and right back up.  I've never maintained a weight for any length of time....well......I can maintain 230 till the cows come home......of course then I look like one of the cows, but I digress.  I have to take it one day at a time.  I've been really thinking about my triggers and I know what they are, I just don't know how to eliminate them from my life. 

Till next time...............I'll be unTHICKINandworkinonTHINNIN!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Perfect World......My Thoughts on God and Freewill.......

Oh oh, here we go..........the Goodwife's been thinkin' again.  I was just vaccuming my hardwood floors when this popped into my head.  As you know, if it pops in, I gotta let it out and share it with you here we go.

God gave us free will.  He could have made us robots, or dummies, or I don't know what, but He chose instead to make us human, full of failings and oh so very full of free will.  We have so many choices in our day to day lives.  God doesn't force us to do the right thing.  He usually doesn't strike us down in the midst of a bad choice, no matter how bad or even evil that choice is.  That's because He wants us to repent and He wants us to have the chance to make the right choice the next time.  That's powerful love, that is. 

Being Christian isn't about living in a bubble away from temptations and the world.  It's about being faced with evil and temptations every day and making the right Godly decision.  God put us all here in the midst of immorality and decay and said Do the right thing even when the wrong thing is easier or more fun.  I used to think abortion wouldn't exist in a perfect world.  Now I think in a perfect world, abortion would be an option, but no one would ever do it, because even though evil would exist, humans would rise above it the way God wants us to.  Ya know??

It's very hard to convey what I want to in the written word.  I'm a much better oral communicator, but I hope you got at least the gist of what I was saying.  As always, feel free to comment and disagree and as long as you keep the hate out, I'll leave 'em up! 

Till next time..........God Bless!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Clover Update........

Just wanted to update on Clover and her babies.  The Youngun is in charge of rabbit feeding.  They are her project with her Pop Pop and really the only time I take care of them is whe she is gone.  I did go into see the babies when she said they had been born, to check that they were all fat and sassy, but that's it.  Well she's at Auntie's this weekend so this mornin' I went down to do chores and feed them.  I noticed that the tray under Clover's cage hadn't been dumped for awhile so I pulled it out to dump it.  Low and behold there were 6 baby bunnies laying on that pan!  It was full of hair and leftover hay so they were warm as can be.  I have no clue how they got there but they didn't look any the worse for wear and weren't shriveled up with hunger either.  I quickly got them out of there, put them in the hole with the other 4 babies and Clover promptly hopped in there to feed them.  Hopefully they'll make it without any lasting effects from their adventure. 

Also the broody hen has 5 chicks hatched out so far that I saw.  However she was sitting on 12 eggs and I'm only seeing 4 intact eggs right now, so I'm thinking there are probably 3 more hiding in her feathers that I didn't see.  They are just as cute as can be and lots of fun colors.  I've got two more hens sitting on eggs as well. 

Photo is of my beautiful sage blooming a week or two ago.  I just love sage!

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!

Till next time..........God Bless!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Foto Friday...........

Aww such a sweet hen.........wonder what she's doin?

Well lookie, lookie!  Such a sweet widdul, biddul!

"Geez Ma, what's that bright light??  I'm not even dry yet!"

Remember Clover?  Well she's a Mama herself now!  4 strong healthy babies were born yesterday.
Another form of new life! The Youngun says, soon we'll have little potatoes runnin' around as well as chicks and bunnies!

And finally a pic of my girl Ellie.  How I love this dog!  She's the dog I've waited my entire life for and I adore her.

Till next time........God Bless!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Just Some Pics..........

This guy was waiting for me in the front yard this morning when I got home from my run.  See the holes in the leaves of my hosta from our hail storm of a few weeks ago?

I love, love, love this plant!  It's an ivy geranium and I hope I can find one again next year.


This is another favorite of mine.  It's was labelled Jacob's Ladder when I bought it but after doing some online research I don't think that's what it is.  Whatever it is I adore it.

This is a close up of a flower cluster and an open bloom.  If you click on the pic to make it bigger you may see the tiny sweat bee that is sitting on it.  If you  know or have a guess as to what this is, please leave me a comment. 

Till next time..........God Bless!

What a Difference Some Squats Make...........

So yesterday was liftin' day, that makes today a runnin' day.  This is the first time I've ever run after a squat day................can I just get a WOWSA!?!  Big difference in the way my legs and bootay felt today.  I made it though and felt great!  I did have to stop and walk for 60 seconds at the top of the big hill and I don't usually have to do that, but that's ok.  I'm sure that after a coupla weeks of lifting and running I'll be stronger and faster than ever. 

This guy was waiting in my front yard to cheer me on when I got home!
I know it's a snappin' turtle and not a tortise but still..........I'm the tortise baby and slow and steady wins the race!  ;) 
K........enough of the corn pone.........I got some crunches to do!
Till next time..........I'm unTHICKINandsoTHINNIN!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Yeah Baby!

Just came in from gettin' my sweat on!  Feels sooooo guuuuuud!  Squats, push ups, step ups, and some dumbbell rows.  Crunches and then beatin' on my punchin' bag.  Wow oh wow how I love hitting stuff!  Hehehehe!  I also did some jump ropin'  til I started to pee my pants...........that sucks, but am going to do some research on ways to prevent that, cuz I like jumpin' rope!  ;) 

Off for another great day today!  Hope your's is grand as well! 

Till next and The Gourds are Sippin' on Gin and Juice and gettin unTHICKINandsoTHINNIN!  Cept, I don't drink so I'll just sip on my iced tea and sing my little heart out!  ;)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Garden Update and Other Random Stuff....

Romaine, Black Seeded Simpson, Spinach, beets, carrots, green onions....

Left to right.......romaine, beets, carrots, green onions, carrots

Sweet corn, green beans, peppers, and 'maters....see my ole' boy Champ in the background? 

Itty bitty peach tree loaded!

The whole garden.........

Things are good here!  Garden is thriving, hawk is working to keep the pesky blackbirds out of it, weather is warm (ok, humid and HOT, but who's counting).

We had a good three day weekend.  I love spending time with The Man.  We did some wrenchin' on The Dodge, which I love to do.  The Man and I put the motor in on Friday night and then Saturday morning we went to the drag races, but it was just too hot so we came home. Sitting in the blazing sun on acres of ashpalt is a very hot way to spend a day, so we came home and I tilled the garden while The Man weed-whacked and The Youngun played in her pool.   Sunday we had to run to town to get some other parts for The Dodge and The Man bought me a creeper of my own!  I'm very excited about it!  This way when we are both under the car, one of us doesn't have to lay in the floor.  Only problem is I usually run over my pony tail with the creeper wheels!  Ouch!
We are glad that The Dodge is finally up and runnin' again and hopefully for good this time.  I won't go into the details of what was wrong with it, cause I know you all could care less, but hopefully it's all good to go now.  It's going to get dyno-ed this week and then we'll breathe easy about how it's going to do.  If they don't blow it up on the dyno, then we won't blow it up at home!  We did manage to get the cops called on us, we are such hardened criminals.  Darned busybody neighbors!  As Hank Jr says........if ya'd mind yer own bidness then ya won't be mindin' mine! 

Till next time............God Bless!

Half-assin' It!

I've been half-assin' and not even assin' it since March.  MARCH!  Good grief, three months wasted.  Moving on though........if this is for the rest of my life then three months ain't gonna amount to a hill a beans!  Kit's got me motivated and I went for a jog this morning.  25 minutes of pure sweaty bliss.  Why do I not do this at least three days a week?  It never ceases to amaze me that good habits take FOREVER to get a foothold while bad ones are always waiting to creep up behind you and whack you over the head! 

I've been doin' some heavy duty re-evaluating in my life and I've decided to downsize on the ole' homestead a bit.  I'm selling off all my kids from this year and will only keep my two older does, my buck, and his wether.  That will have me down to 4 goats from 11 and that will be awesome.  I also have quit milking for right now so all I have to worry about is my big ole' garden.  I love my life and I love what I do, but I'm easily overwhelmed.  I have to cut something out and I don't want it to be my health goals!  I'm also downsizing my chicken herd (yes I know it's supposed to be flock) to around 10 to 15 hens.  I've got over 45 now! 

I told The Man yesterday I don't think I'll ever win this war.  Not ever.........that's a defeatist attitude and that's not me.  I may never fully win the war, but if I lay down and quit then I'll for sure never win right?  Right now I feel strong and ready to kick ass!  KICK ASS BABY!  Today was a runnin' day, tomorrow I'll bust out some 80lb squats, push ups, and hit the punchin' bag.  I want this...........I WANT THIS!

Look out, cuz the Goodwife is bringin' her A game.............

till next time........I'm unTHICKINandsoTHINNIN!