Friday, August 21, 2009

God told me to post......

As I went out to milk Tulip this morning at about 4:30 and was entering the barnyard.........wait let me explain how my backyard is layed out. My entire backyard is covered in shade trees. I do mean covered. We can't even get grass to grow back there. As I go through the gate to enter the barnyard the sky opens up like a (and I just can't find the right metaphor!) So as I pass through the gate, milk pail and wash bucket in hand, I look up and see the beautiful, gorgeous night sky. The stars are just amazing, the sky is still velvety black and the stars.........I just can't even describe them. I tried to take a picture, but that just didn't even work!

I stopped right there, just through the gate of the barnyard and praised my Maker. I said to Him, "Thank you Lord God for making this beautiful world for us to live in. Thank you for giving me life and for giving me goats to milk so that I was outside at this beautiful time of day to see and appreciate this world."

See to my way of thinking, God didn't have to make our world beautiful. He didn't have to make trees and flowers and grass and a moon and stars. He could have gone so many different ways with our habitat, but He loved us so much that He created this world just for us and He not only created it, He made it heartbreakingly beautiful! And even better than that, there are all types of habitats within our world. There are cities and towns, and villages, and countryside. Wilderness, tundra, deserts, beaches. We can live in whatever part of this world makes us happiest (most of us have that choice anyway) and (and here's the kicker) God gave us the ability and the power to create happiness wherever we are. We can choose to be happy.

Now I know there may be people reading this who are saying, "Goodwife, it just isn't that simple!" to which I reply, "YES it is" God gave us free will, he gave us the ability to choose and trust in Him and He gave us the ability to reject Him and try to make it on our own. That isn't to say that choosing Him will make your life all sunshine and roses. There has to be rain and thorns, but even through the rain and thorns we have the ability to open our eyes in the morning and say......."Today I choose You Lord, and I'm going to choose to be happy and thankful for what I have, and not to dwell on the things that I don't have and the things that I can't change!" When you do that, fully and whole-heartedly, your life will change in ways that you can't even imagine!

I choose Him...........what will you choose today?

Till next time..........GOD BLESS FROM GOODWIFE FARM!


  1. Thank you for joining our blog, what a blessing it is to read your blog for today!

    We too are amazed at how loving our Lord is and the beauty He creates for our enjoyment. Thank you for posting this, lately I've been so caught up in gardening and chores I've forgotten to stop and smell the flowers, view the night sky, listen to the birds sing, etc...

    AMEN! I totally agree with, it's our choice to be happy, what a blessing free will truly is. My Mom suffers from severe depression and it's sad because IMHO it's due to her negative attitude and her atheistic belief. :o(

    Thank you for blessing my heart tonight.
    Blessings from,
    The Never Done Farm

  2. "We can choose to be happy."

    It does get complicated when there's a need to believe in Jesus. There are Muslims and atheists who are happy.

  3. Hi John!

    Thanks for reading and leaving a comment. I'm thankful to live in a country where I can choose what to believe and I choose Jesus. I hope that you are happy in your day to day life and the choices you've been able to make. :) Have a wonderful blessed day!


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