Friday, August 28, 2009

A good day begins.........

With a workout! Yesterday I didn't get my workout in for the first time since I began WW. I went back to bed after hubby left for work and slept till time to get my beautiful girl up and ready for school. Then I had salsa to make and that kept me busy until time to pick her up from school. I had plans to do my workout after she got home, but she had so much to tell me and I love chatting with her about her day! So.........the workout didn't happen. But you know what? It wasn't a tragedy! Really, it didn't derail me, didn't stop my progress, didn't even ruin my life! I know it, that's just crazy talk, but it's so true. See I'm a bit of a freak, as if you didn't already know this, and I tend to be the type of person who goes along just great until something stops me from my schedule for one day. Then it's all over for me. I fall off the wagon and the freakin wagon runs me over! But not this time.........not with WW! I am almost at the 2 month point and I'm still doing great! I've had some instances where before I would have totally fallen apart and quit, and I haven't. I've gut it out so to speak.

I got out there in the hillbilly hotel this morning, right after getting the hub-unit off to work and getting my milking done. I did my 30 minutes of walking jogging on the treadmill, then my 30 min weight lifting routine and then was in and showered and getting Sissy up by 6:30. It was a good moment for me knowing that even though my routine got off yesterday, it didn't totally derail the train! WHOO HOO! Because the way that I see things......if we are going to do this for life............forever..........God willing for the next 60 years or so.........(come on I can live till 92 can't I?) then we have to be f*l*e*x*i*b*l*e. If we can't, then it's never ever gonna work! It's gonna work for me baby..........I know it! So work it for you.....every every way.........oh yeah, and head over to anti-gravity, cause laughing has GOT to be worth some activity points!

Till next time......I'm lauginmywaytounTHICKIN and smilinmywaytoTHINNIN

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