Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Not Self Sufficient......God Reliant!

So before, in IL we always wanted to be self sufficient and self reliant.  We loved our Jesus, and we thought we were serving Him.  As a matter of fact, had someone tried to tell me that we weren't doing all we could for the Lord, I would have given them an ear-full! 
However, that said, and if anyone remembers God had been telling us for over 2 years that He wanted us to do something else and we weren't listening.  We said, nope, he's been at this job for 9 years!  The health insurance!  The vacation time!  The 401K!!!  Our house, our garden, our fruit trees, our barns!!
Well fast forward to the months after The Man lost his job and we really started to figure out what it means to trust in the Lord.  See before, we wanted to trust God and we thought we did, and we probably did, just not enough.  The job was our security, the health insurance and the home.  That isn't where true security comes from!!  True, peaceful security comes from our Heavenly Father and NOWHERE else.
God led us to Montana, which was a fantastic adventure, and then He led us back to KY.  After being back in KY for a year and living next door to The Man's sister, we were praying hard for a place to call our own.  The bankruptcy made it impossible to get a mortgage and it looked as if we were a long way out from our own place.  We prayed and looked, and looked and prayed, and none of the houses we looked at would work out.  We went to the bank, they told us to get a credit card to rebuild our credit.......ah, no thanks!  There was a little house trailer for sale about 2 miles over from where we were living.  It was on the highway and looked pretty run down.  We must have driven past it dozens of times and saw the for sale by owner sign.  We would say, no, we don't want it, it's on the highway, it's too small, too old, too shabby, whatever.  One Sunday before church, I was looking on C/L for places for sale by owner.  That little place was on there with some pictures of the inside.  I thought, hmm, I could make this work!  We decided to email about the ad and lay it all out on the line.  I sent an email asking if they would consider owner financing with a generous down payment.  Off we went to church........and when we got home there was an email from the owner.  He said he would do an owner finance and would we like to look at the property that afternoon?  We met him over there on Sunday afternoon and to our surprise the little house trailer came with 3.2 acres of land!  We stood in the driveway and talked to the owner for over an hour, mostly about God!  He shook our hands, told us he'd never done an owner finance before, but said he felt that it was what he was supposed to do!  We closed on the house, signed papers at his attorney's and took possession that Thursday, 4 days after first looking at the place.
It is amazing how things fall RIGHT INTO PLACE when you are truly where God wants you to be....... 

Until next time........I remain yours in Christ,

Monday, October 27, 2014

Remember Me??

It's been a long time hasn't it?  I've missed blogging, but for some reason it's been really emotional to begin again.  But now, I feel God pulling me to start again, so here we go!
Life is about the journey and our sole purpose in being born and going about of our lives is to bring Glory to our Savior.  In my life, sometimes I've done that, but most of the time I've fallen far short of the mark.  I can't count the times I'm sure I've disappointed my Jesus, but He's never left me, and never forsaken me and I have no words to describe His Faithfulness.  We are so undeserving, and He is so generous!
Things are going swimmingly for us!  The Youngun is now a Sophmore in High School.  Being back in public school has not all been sunshine and roses, but with God's guidance we've managed to raise a daughter with values and morals, who knows the importance of communication.  We are able as a family to work through the situations that arise and I'm thankful for that.  She had her first boyfriend that lasted about 5 months, and even though they hugged, they didn't kiss because she wasn't ready for that.  She ended the relationship for some very mature reasons that I'm so thankful for as a Momma!  The Boy had some "issues" that scared me as a parent, and we talked about them freely and in a non-judgmental way, and she came to the conclusion to end it on her own.  I was actually quite surprised (but very happy) when she told me. 
God has allowed us to buy our own place and I'll blog about that in future, he's given us a job where we are working together, truly working together, and other than our house (which will be paid for in 6 years God willing) and our car, we are debt free!
I've missed blogging, and have thought to take it up again several times.  For some reason it makes me feel very vulnerable!  However, that being said, reading back over my blog makes me smile, brings things to mind that I've forgotten, and gives me a pretty accurate online diary of what we've been up to.  Writing it down in a notebook just doesn't feel, or work the same!
So.....I'm possibly beginning the blog foray again.  I've got lots to share and lots to say and lots of wonderful ways in which our Heavenly Father has blessed us that I want to tell the world about!
Until next time, I remain yours in Christ,