Monday, March 1, 2010

Remember Clover?............

Remember this post from awhile back?  Well Little Miss Clover has gotten to be a big ole grown up rabbit!  The Youngun is still in love with her and the feeling is still mutual.  The Youngun takes Clover for walks around the homestead, lays on the sill with Clover on her chest and tells her stories. 

Friday evening The Youngun and I were coming in from the barn after our last check of Star for the night.  It was a beautiful evening, the stars were out, the moon was near full and the sky was crystal clear.  We were walking up to the house talking about the stars.  As we were at the back door taking off our mud boots The Youngun said to me...

....Mama, is it wrong that I like animals better than people?  I said.........No it isn't.  Animals will never hurt you, never lie to you, never cheat, or steal.  You always know where you stand with animals.  She said.........Good cause I do like animals better than most people.

Bless that child's heart.  I love that little girl so very much.  I can't even describe the love I feel for her.  She is so kind, compassionate, sensitive, and savvy among other things.  She "gets it" more so than most adults I know.  She's an old soul and I'm very thankful that God chose The Paintiff and I to be her parents. 

Till next time.............GOD BLESS FROM GOODWIFE FARM!


  1. how sweet. I must say I felt the same way growing up. cute rabbit. :)

  2. You both are truly blessed! I agree ... I like animals more than most people! Their love is genuine and unconditional.

  3. Yup...animals to people here too...'cept for folks like you ;)

  4. What a sweetie - and animals love her! I love animals too and yes they are so much easier to get along with than most people..and they love you no matter what!

  5. Clover has gotten big!
    I know exactly how that youngun feels.
    Give me a barnyard of animals anytime.
    She is a special child!
    Thanks for the visits and comments. I appreciated them so much.
    Have a great day.

  6. Yes, I totally agree! It used to be just horses for me, but anymore, I'd rather hang out w/ any animals period! One of my favorite things to do is just sit outside and watch the chickens at their antics. I don't even have to interact with them, I just like to watch.


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