Saturday, February 27, 2010

Star Watch, 2010..............

TWINS, TWINS, TWINS!  And even better than twins is we got one of each.  The boy is HUGE, long legged and a handsome energetic fella.  The girl is smaller and just beautiful.  The birth was a little rough.  Boy was first and wasn't progressing so I had to pull him.  That always scares the dickens outta me and makes me nervous for days afterward that something will be wrong with mama.  The girl slid out without too much trouble, but mama Star was pretty tired so I gave a little help on her too.  There was a lot of prayin' goin' on in that barn a few hours ago! 

Without further ado, I present you with.........

Goodwife Farm's Osiris

(brown buckling)

Goodwife Farm's Isis
(silver doeling)

We haven't fully decided yet and it will depend on what I get from the other two girls, but both of these darlings may be keepers!  Star is an amazingly faboo mother just like her mama Tulip. 

Now we are on to Tulip Watch, 2010........she will be at 150 days on March 8th and Naomi will be at 150 days on March 10........whoo hoo for lots o' goatie babies! 

Ps.......remember this?  Well I'm dead on so far...........hehehehe.........

Till next time..............GOD BLESS FROM GOODWIFE FARM!!


  1. Aw they are so cute!
    I really want some goats!
    Have fun with those two cuties!

  2. They really are cute --- and you really are a Farmwife instead of a Goodwife! Good luck with the rest!

  3. Your babies are very cute! I love their ears! I've enjoyed reading your blog today!

  4. AWWW..congrats on the new babies on the farm..I mean KIDS...Lol
    I am learning the goat terms!
    They are darling.

  5. what beautiful babies, good luck with all your other mamas!

  6. oh cute kids:) I am going to show this to my boys. Thanks!


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