Monday, March 29, 2010

Homeschooling Update.....

Well we've been homeschooling for about a month now (I think).  It truly seems like we've never done it any other way and I'm so thankful that God led us to this decision! 

We are still studying Alaska for social studies.  We finished up our study of wolves and are now studying tapirs.  This is going to be really fun and we are going to conclude our study of tapirs by making a tapir habitat complete with our own little tapir.  The Youngun has a fan-tab-u-lous imagination and will really enjoy making this and then playing with it in the future.  We are taking math so incredibly slowly and are just focusing on the multiplication tables right now.  Her math foundtion is sorely lacking and I feel like you can't move on until you've got a firm foundation in the basics!  In language arts we are reviewing nouns, common and proper and long and short vowel sounds.  This is stuff that The Youngun is good at, we are just reviewing to give me a solid idea of where she is at.  She is reading Racso and The Rats of NIMH right now.  Our Bible study is still in Genesis and we are learning alot about character issues, such as honesty, integrity, and obedience.  In geography (which is a part of every subject we study) we are learning about floor plans and their uses for every day life.  The Youngun really enjoys floor plans! 

I have been telling everybody I know how wonderful homeschooling is for us.  God truly does give us the strength to undertake the tasks He gives us.  I was worried about having the patience to do this.  It was something that was a concern for me.  I am a solitary person and enjoy my time in the house by myself.  I know that God was tapping me on the head about this homeschooling thing and I'm glad that we listened and pulled The Youngun out of public school.  It has been a constant source of joy so far.  I know there will be rough patches ahead, but I also know that God will guide us through those difficult times! 

God Bless!


  1. I'm glad that homeschooling has been wonderful for you and your daughter. It's something that just comes naturally because...well, you've been doing it your child's whole life anyway. :)
    Good luck with the habitat. I have been collecting all boxes that enter our home because I have some plans for next year to do habitats, I think my kids will enjoy them too.
    Good luck with the Math, we are also taking the slow road with it.

  2. take it from me, get those facts down!! we have a multiplication tape we play in the car!

  3. Oh I know! That's one of the biggest reasons we pulled her from school. She had absolutely no foundation in math. She's smart and she gets good grades so the teachers kept saying, Oh no, she's fine. She's not fine when she's in 5th grade and doesn't know the multiplication tables!! Thanks ladies!

  4. So glad to hear that all is going well.
    Gotta tell you that my oldest is in the 8th grade in public schools and he still doesn't know all of his multiplication tables, yet he is in an honors class and making great grades. How can that be???
    ( I can tell you how but that would be a long rant so I won't.)
    My middle child is homeschooled and we drill everyday on multiplication because without that knowledge everything else just won't make sense.

  5. Happy Homeschooling!

    years ago (my eldest is now 17) the Lord lead me to homeschool and I said to Him...I don't know how...He said, "I do..Follow Me!" I have never regretted trusted God for His Wisdom and Leading in home-educating.

    God bless you and your family!

  6. I'm in the same boat Country Whispers son is. I never really learned my multiplication tables by heart. I have the basics, but ask me to mentally whip out one and you'll have to give me a second to count it out in my head.

    Yet, here I am doing upper level college calculus, stats, ect. for my Bio/Chem major and I was in honor classes all throughout my public school career.

    In other words, don't worry too much about it - my mom never did, and she has her masters in special education amongst other licensures. As someone who's been there and done that - don't worry too much about it.

  7. Wandered over here from Boulderneigh. LOVE your blog. Way to go on the homeschooling thing. Sounds like it is going well and it is the right thing for you guys.


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