Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Finally.........and Buckling Makes 6..........

Good grief! There is a reason that experienced animal raisers tell you to be there when your critters give birth. Naomi is that reason!

I've heard people talk about first timers not knowing what they are doing, but I've never seen it.........till now. That ignorant goat wouldn't push for anything. Wouldn't even lay down! It took FOREVER! She started labor yesterday morning. I went to bed at 8:30 PM and she was still doing the same thing, just standing there, yawning and stretching. Wouldn't lay down and push for nothin'. Set my alarm for 11:15, when I got down there she had a foot sticking out, and I though whoo hoo! Finally! HA! Still wouldn't lay down and push. I guess she though that she didn't have to do any work to get it done. To top it off it was a back leg, only one and it was upside down. How the carp go you help a goat who won't help herself?? I tried to reposition but that just wasn't happening. So I grabbed the foot and started gently pulling. She's still standing, now walking. Now running (what an idiot). She ran into the corner, fell down and I got one leg totally out. Then the rest of him popped out. I thought he was dead, but stuck my finger in his mouth, held him upside down and shook him a couple times and finally got him breathing and coughed all the fluid out. She was a good mama once the kid was here but ohmygoodnesswhatamess!!!!

Anywho, he's a nice little buckling and doing great. I'll give her the benefit of the doubt this time, but if she's that stupid next time Naomi will have no more babies! LOL

So with her buckling we've got 6 babies. 3 boys and 3 girls, and all fit, sassy, and healthy, which is what really matters. All of my girls are good mamas and that's important to me as I don't bottle feed my kids. Tulip has a HUGE amount of milk, I'm pleased with Star's udder, and although Naomi's does leave a little to be desired (her nipples are only as long as my first pinkie joint, I need a Capuchin monkey to milk her for me) hopefully her next freshening her bag will be better. If not, she'll just become The Youngun's cart goat!

Till next time...........GOD BLESS FROM GOODWIFE FARM!

I'm adding to this post to thank the experienced dairy maids who've left comments for me.  I'll bet they are right, I'll bet she wasn't pushing because the little fella wasn't positioned correctly.  I'm very thankful that everything worked out fine and that all my girls and babies are healthy and hearty!  Thanks for the comments ladies, it means a lot!


  1. I love your photo collage! I can feel your frustration with Naomi. :D

    I'll bet she was having trouble with him since he was backwards. He probably had his butt jamming things up and she couldn't push him out. It's a good thing you got him pulled out.

  2. Congratulations on the new one! I'm so tickled to have found your blog. My husband and I are just starting out and we're working on building up our farm. Like you, I desire to be a 'good wife' and it's so nice to read your posts. I actually found your blog because I did a search for kinder goats in Illinois, lol. After much research we'd decided kinders would be our breed of choice to start with! Have you considered selling goats, or would you consider it to the right home? We're not ready yet, but I hope to be in the next year or so. I would appreciate an email from you at Thank you so much!! -Katrina

  3. I agree with Brenda It was probably because he was messed up like that.. I do have a couple that stand up to have babies.. If they are in obvious labor like that I give them no more than 2 hours to be productive... If nothing is happening I check things out and 9 times out of 10 its been a bit of a tangle to get out and that would be why Labor didnt seem to be progressing.. Glad everything turned out okay!!

  4. aww I'm glad the kid turned out ok! Poor Naomi, poor you too! lol

  5. Thanks ladies for the comments. Question for you said if labor isn't progressing after two hours you do "something". What do you do? I didn't know what to do until I could see the bubble. Do you "go in" even if they aren't pushing? I knew what to do once there was a foot out and she wasn't pushing, but didn't know how to help her if it seemed like there was nothing going on. Lots of prayer got us through though!

  6. Pat Coleby says that if they stand to give birth it is better and we should encourage it if we can - your goat may not have been as stupid as you think... poor baby, but glad everything turned out well!

  7. If I know for sure a goat is in labor and she is not Progressing I will feel and see if she is dilated Or if there is any babies close enough to feel.. I waited 4 hours one time and thought mom was doing okay... When I finally got the nerve to check 1st baby was bent U-shaped coming back first. Mom had been pushing that long but not very hard. Mom and all 3 babies survived But if I had went with my gut I would have checked sooner and she would not have had to be in labor for that long..
    It doesnt hurt anything to check to see if they are dilalted.. Just make sure everything is clean.. I wear gloves. You know when they are not acting themselves.. Like standing and stretching alot. Not eating much... If they stop chewing cud, start hanign their head , stay in a corner or if they seem restless. They do that some in later pregnancy but when they are in labor and it dont progress that maybe some of the only signs..
    If mine stop eating,they arent active and seem to just be off. I check things out.. Kind of like when a woman is having a baby. You can feel if they are dilated or not. If they are then you can go a little farther and see if babies are close and if there is any problems.. I usually dont have to though.. Its happened 4 times in 7 years.. Having anywhere from 8-25+ goats...

  8. Good explanation, Tonia. I do the same thing. If they're not progressing, I check them. I have let them go too long before helping them and I won't do that any more.

    If you'd like to read a couple of my experiences with assisted kidding ... I posted on my blog about helping the first time. "(08) My First Kidding Season - Bell" It was really hard the first time I had to go in up to my elbow!

    I posted "(36) Kidding - Round 2" about one that had a really long unproductive labor that I had to go in to get the babies. Her first one was sideways.

    I'm glad they're all doing good!

  9. Thanks Brenda! I will go read up! :)

  10. So glad the little guy made it! What an ordeal for him.... Enjoyed reading about the trials of goat birth Good Wife -- thanks!

  11. YAY! I checked in yesterday, but nothing had happened yet! We have young heifers that don't want to help either, but on their next go-round they're much better. SUPER cute kiddos!


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