Thursday, March 11, 2010

Adventures in Seed Starting Update.........

I've had kids on the brain so haven't updated my seedling progress.  Things are going great!  I'm very happy with the pepper plants.  They are beautiful.  Tomatoes are doing great as well.  I do think I may have gotten in a hurry though.  Hopefully they won't be fruiting before I can get them in the ground. 

This is our transplanting station on the new kitchen counter.  The Youngun and I had a good time transplanting the tomato seedlings.

My beautiful healthy pepper plants!  I'm so excited to have my own multi-colored peppers in the garden!  It's in the high 60's today and nice and sunny so they are sitting on the sidwalk soaking up some sun.

The plant rack that I rigged up with a $14 plastic shelf from Wal-trash and a grow light fixture.  I set it up upside down and that way I can water without making a mess.  I carried the whole shebang out to the porch today for some sun.  Ellie is upset that I'm outside without her!

Spring is just around the corner and as soon as it's dry enough we'll be getting the garden worked up and getting onions, lettuce, beets, potatoes and other cold hearty crops in the ground!

Till next time...........GOD BLESS FROM GOODWIFE FARM!


  1. Haha, we much think alike because yesterday I started my seeds inside. Yours look awesome! I just started mine because last year I started them waaay too early and they were outgrowing all my containers before I could get them outside.

  2. how your seadlings look great! I'm counting down the days till I can start with the cold weather veggies...having home grown veggies is gonna make being on WWs sooo much more affordable!


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