Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Goats on Parade.........Goodwife Farm's Star................

Star is Tulip's daughter from her first freshening and along with her brother Jesse was one of the first babies born here at Goodwife Farm.  Star is the product of some really nice linebreeding, in that Tulip was bred back to her daddy and we got Star from that pairing.  I love this goat!  Star is shy and a little bit timid by nature, but she is so very sweet that you can't help but love her.  As she gets older she is hard to tell apart from her mama physically, but she is nothing like her in attitude.  Where Tulip is a bold, brash, false eyelash wearing, trailer park mama with a fat belly hanging over her cut off jeans and tube top, Star is a quiet little mouse hanging out at the library wearing a dress that covers her from her neck to her ankles and being just a little bit embarassed and intimidated by her mama's loud and somewhat obnoxious antics! 

Star didn't always used to be so shy, but she had a terrible experience at the vet when she was disbudded and this has made her very afraid of being confined to this day.  She will come up to be petted and to give a little kiss, but if you try to restrain her, she gets very panicky, very quickly.  This doesn't bother her on the milk stand, I'm assuming because there is food involved on the stand! 

Star has the sweetest bleat of all my goats.  It's very plaintive and lonely sounding and will just break your heart.  Star is also very vocal when she is in heat.  Gracious!  She will bleat herself hoarse when she is cycling.  Star is number two in herd hierarchy because she is Tulip's oldest daughter.  I'm very interested to see how this changes (or if it changes) as Maggie Faith and Isis grow up.  Maggie Faith being Tulip's daugther from this year, and Isis being Star's. 

She has a gorgeous udder, so lovely that it will make you weep!  This is also her first freshening udder, and I can't wait to see what it looks like next year.  Her udder is this gorgous little basketball with NO pocket and just wonderful attachment.  Her teats are nice length and even though they are small, they will be bigger next year.  Just lovely! 

Like Tulip (of course) Star isn't registered, but again, doesn't bother me in the least. 


  1. Star is a beautiful goat. Is she Kinder? I have a goat that looks almost exactly like her. She has a little blue/gray in her eyes. Do Kinder goats ever have blue in their eyes?

    My goat, Maggie, was a rescue from the sale barn. I saw her there when we took some calves to sale and she came up to the fence to give me kisses. I knew I had to take her home that day! She gives me about a gallon and a half of milk a day and is a very sweet girl.

  2. Hi Brenda! Yes Star is a Kinder. I've never heard of a Kinder with blue in their eyes. If Pygmy's can have blue eyes though, I'd say it's possible. Thanks so much, I think she's beautiful as well and I'm just thrilled with her udder. Her teats have a bit of a curve, but I can deal with that with the attachment she has. Do you have pictures of Maggie on your blog? I'd love to see her! I just started milking Star and am pleased with her ease of milking and her production!

  3. I have a photo of Maggie and her doelings on post (36) Kidding - Round 2. It's not a very good photo of her, but a pretty good one of her kids. Both of her little girls have some blue in the bottom part of their eyes. Her does from last year also have quite a bit of blue. Their eyes are so pretty.

    She's one of my favorites. I love her soft voice. She kinda makes a soft Mawww sound ... almost with her mouth closed. It's low and quiet. I know it's for me though. She makes this sound when she sees me. She is such a sweet goat.


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