Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Thickin and Thinnin Update........

Wow.  That's all I've got.  This was a baaaad week and I was a baaaad girl.  It amazes me how quickly bad habits can get  their evil tentacles back in you, and how week the good habits are.  That just goes to show that we have to be ever vigilant and on our guard. 

The decision to homeschool The Yougun has been wonderful and she has never been happier and more settled in her life (since becoming school age that is) and I'm enjoying it as well.  It has, however, tossed a bit of a monkey wrench in my WW plan.  I'm usually home all day by myself and can take an hour out of each day to prepare my lunch.  Not so anymore and this has been a bit of a catalyst for me to let my demon out of hiding.  No excuses here, just the facts, but it's true.  The Family and I have also been eating out quite a bit and this is a big trigger for me for some unknown reason.  I gained this week, and I fully expected it.  I'm not proud of it, but I accept it, I acknowledge it, and I'm moving on from it and learning from it.  I also hurt my back (no worries as this has happened before, and it will again).  I hadn't lifted for 2 weeks and instead of going back down to around 45/50 lbs and rebuilding I started off deadlifting at 85 lbs which is only about 10 lbs less than I left off doing.  This wasn't a smart move.  On my second set of deadlifts, I felt the usual, which is sort of a popping, tear and dropped the weights.  I'm better, but still not up to lifting so will take some more time off and rebuild my strength. 

I've been thinking about my mindset and I think I know at least part of the problem.  I'm really happy at this weight.  I feel good, I look good and I'm totally ok with it if I don't lose anymore.  That's ok........it really really is ok, but I can't GAIN anything.  As I've said over and over and over......losing isn't an issue for me, it's maintaining.  I really need to get down to at least 165, but I'll be happy if I stay 180 for the rest of my life, but the staying is the hardest part for me.

Right now my main focus is getting my head back in the game.  I've been pretty slack since our remodel... track a couple days, then not at all, then a couple days, then not all all.  Got to nip that in the bud and get this train movin'! 

Thanks for listening, thanks for being there, thanks for not judging! 

Till next time...............I'm sort of unTHICKINandstilltryingtobeTHINNIN! 


  1. Ditto.... the maintaining is the hardest because those habits unbeknown to us sneak back into our lives..... Well first things first, you need to get your back healed up.... and just switch it up a bit.. Maybe just a walk - you will beat it mostly because you are thinking about it and you are aware of it!

  2. i had 2 gains last month and they were my first gains since starting WWs. I was MAD! But you right, it's just so very hard to keep those bad habits at bay...hope your back feels better soon!

  3. For me I seriously need to lose - but then it is gaining it back that is a problem for me as well. I am short and I shouldn't feel good at 170, but I do. I am way over that now and really need to work on my mindset so I will lose back down to that... I don't do WW, but still I need to find something and stick to it.

  4. Summer is comin' and so is your strength. The maintain has to be a lifestyle baby. Anyone can lose weight on a diet. The problem is that they go off the diet and put it all back on again...and then some. It's all about health, not weight. You have to have a healthy plan for life and stick to it. You have to have an exercise plan that works for you and do it. I'm comin' up on six years of maintenance and feel better than I ever did in my twenties. I will be 58 my next birthday. Good luck girl and keep it healthy.

    God bless and have a glorious day!!!


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