Saturday, March 27, 2010

Project Update.....

Remember this?  The Man and I had this dresser done the weekend that I bought it from Goodwill, but then we started on the kitchen remodel and I sort of forgot about it.  It was out in the Hillbilly Hotel patiently waiting for me to remember it was out there.  I had been going to put it in the back room, as an apartment for Steve but  hadn't gotten the room cleared out enough to get it in there.  God works in mysterious ways because then we started homeschooling and I needed a place to keep all of our books and supplies.  The Man and I carried it in and it fits beautifully on the wall behind our dining room table (which is where we do most of our school work).  

It's so beautiful, and the entire time we were refinishing it I kept saying to The Man, I can't believe anybody would paint this!!  To each his own though, and I'm just thankful that God led me to stop into Goodwill that day, and that He kept me from getting it all set up in the back room for Steve.  It's suiting our purposes much better as the chest for our homeschooling treasures! 

 Till next time...........GOD BLESS!


  1. Wow it does look great - better than that white! What a great find! We have similar posts today - (lucky bargains....) Yee haaa!

  2. I looks great now. I love good deals like that, you guys did a great job with it.

  3. Wow, It turned out very nice..I love it!

  4. Isn't it cool how God works things out? When I look back at situations like this...I am in awe of how He has His hands in every aspect of our lives. He is so good!


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