Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kitchen Remodel Update..........part 1

The Man is on vacation this week so yesterday we decided to tear out the old wall where we plan to put up cedar planking. 

Upon getting the old wall out.........we discovered this.......

Which made the Goodwife squeal with delight!!  And which quickly turned into this....
and this.........
and this.........
Whoo hoo!!  Hardwood floors baby! 
Then The Man started on this......
He is sanding the texture off the walls, because it was so thick it looked like the top of a coconut pie, so that we can do this.....
So that's where we're at right now.  The Man is doing the trim work, cause I'm the roller gal (I know, backwards right? but I don't have the patience for detail work) and then we've got to pull the washer, dryer, toilet, and vanity out of my bathroom cuz we've discovered that the hardwood is in there too!  Then we will pull up the lino that's on the floor in there, then off to Lowe's to rent the floor sander and back to work we go. 
Will update more progress tomorrow if I can snatch a second of time!

Till next time..........GOD BLESS FROM GOODWIFE FARM!


  1. It is so exciting to tear out walls, pull up old flooring, and dicover hardwood floors or old waincoting! Looks like your kitchen project is going very well! I can't wait to see the finished results!

  2. Hurray! What a lovely find! I know we have cement under our linoleum...I helped putit there!!
    Looking forward to the completed task!

  3. What a find! It is going to look awesome when you guys get done. I can't wait!

  4. AWESOME!!! I'm so jealous! I'd LOVE to have hardwood floors! We're sort-of "inhereting" the Husband's grandparents house that is over 100 years old one day and I know if I butter him up enough, the Husband will let me try to find the original floors. I'd also like to try to find the original walls but that would be MAJORLY extensive b/c there's like 7 layers of wallpaper on them (the current wallpaper being almost 50 years old. . .) Unfortunately the house has been added onto and added onto so the coveted floors and walls are only in the 2 rooms which were once the original cabin. Can't wait to see the finale!

  5. What a great surprise for you! :) Good luck with your project....hope you can stop by for a visit.

  6. Thanks everybody for your kind comments! Milkmaid.......that is so exciting!!! I can't wait to see pics of it! :) Ok......back to work!

  7. Y'all are some busy bees! Love the hardwood floors and the wall color. I have no patience for painting either. I get bored real easy!

  8. LOL Wife! Me too.....I've got other things to do, don't have time to be all meticulous with a paint brush. I like to load the roller up and then just slop it on!!


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