Sunday, February 7, 2010

What We Do For Fun............

Sometimes things can get a little boring during the winter here at Goodwife Farm. If we have all the critters snugged up, the wood cut, the baking done, and are just relaxing in the evening, we might need a little entertainment. That's where this little girl comes in
This is She's Branded Lucky, or Brandy as we call her. Sometimes she gets called Little Bit, or Fluffy Dog, but she is always good for entertainment.
Brandy had a rough start in life. She was one of two puppies and was born via C-section. Her mama almost died and the other puppy did die. She was a bottle baby and 4 months old when I bought her. The lady I bought her from said she didn't really like people, but as soon as I came in the house she ran over to me and begged to be picked up and she's been my girl ever since. She used to curl up between my neck and shoulder while I was quilting. It was her favorite place to nap. She's almost 7 years old now and is still such a little stinker.

So anywho, this is what we like to do when we are bored.........please don't turn us in to animal cruelty, we won't listen anyway.........

She so loves her pony tail holders. To this day if I have a pony tail in and she can, she will crawl up my body, grab the pony tail holder with her teeth and tug for all she's worth until she gets it out. They are her favorite toy!


  1. LOL! She's a cutie. We have to keep ourselves entertained and pets are usually the best subjects for that! Pony tail holders, huh.


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