Thursday, February 11, 2010

Silly Rabbit.........

This is Moon. 

 Some of you may remember Moon from this post regarding her first litter of kits.  Moon is bred again and she's due on Saturday.  When you've got a doe that's close to kindling you give her a big ole bunch of hay and a nest box and she will do the rest.  Moon is a goofy bunny and she likes to get things prepared about a week in advance!  Most rabbits are content to do this the day before, or sometimes even minutes before!  Not our Moon..........This past Saturday when I was doing chores, as soon as I put her snack hay in her cage she gathered it up in her mouth and started hopping around her cage looking for a good place to stash it.  I moved her into the maternity ward (even though I knew that it would be at least a week before the blessed event took place), gave her her nest box and a big wad of soft hay.  Then she proceeded to get to work!
She's since pulled lots of pretty blue fur and tucked it in a corner of the box.  She's all set, and ready for labor to begin!  Probably on Saturday or Sunday, I'll go down to do chores and that pile of soft blue fur will be softly moving.  I'll reach down gently and lay my hand over top.  Like hot popping popcorn, those babies will shoot up and bounce off the palm of my hand.  I'll take the box out, uncover the babies and count them, making sure that there are no dead babies in there.  Every morning when I feed, I'll run my hands over those popcorn babies to be sure they are ok.  Within a few weeks the babies will be out of the box and nibbling on hay and pellets.  Then when they are about 9 to 12 weeks old they will be ready to butcher! 

We really enjoy keeping rabbits and of course eating them as well! 

Till next time.............GOD BLESS FROM GOODWIFE FARM!


  1. Finally got Goodwife Farm on my reading list :) -- enjoyed my visit...

  2. Ha! I do love "Poppin' Fresh" baby bunettes!


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