Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Goat Predictions..........

So I've been doing some sleuthing about my knocked up goatish girls and this is what I think........

This one here, due March 8..............Triplets

This one here, due February 27..............Twins

This one here, due March 10..............A singleton.

There, I've commited myself......now we shall see how far off I am!


  1. I just love babies. We are expecting two calves within the next few days. So we're hopin'!

  2. Nothing better than baby critters! I've got rabbits due this weekend and then of course my goat girls soon. Can't wait! I hope you have healthy bull calves born (I assume you want bulls not heifers?)

  3. At the rate we've been goin', I'll take anything that alive!

  4. I am so excited! Now, I can't wait to see if you are right in your guess. I predict that the top one will just have a really fat baby goat and the one in the middle will have twins and the last one will have triplets. Ha ha ha!

  5. Hey Wife, I'll pray for live calves for you as well! I know you've been having a hard time.

    Hot Belly, thanks so much for commenting! LOL about your predictions, you'll probably be right! The top goat is Tulip and she had triplets last year, so we'll see! :)


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