Tuesday, February 9, 2010

WI today.................

I'm down 8/10 of a pound and still feeling fab! I know that I'm starting to whip this demon because I have nothing to blog about! I'm blogging almost daily on my farm blog http://www.goodwifefarm.com/ and have nothing to say on my Thickin and Thinnin blog. This is actually a really good thing. Last week I ate at Long John Silvers and Subway and didn't feel even a tiny bit of guilt. I was hungry, I ate, I tracked and that was that. It's very freeing and I wish I had words to describe how I feel. I'm so thankful to God for sending me to WW. I feel like a normal person. I'm not the least bit freaked out or obsessed or even concerned with what I weigh. I track, eat clean and healthy, and work out. Weighing myself is seriously almost an afterthought. It's hard to describe. I know that my weight will continue to go down, but I'm just living ya know? I have no idea how to articulate how I feel, but it's good and I'm thankful.

Here's wishing you success and happiness in life and don't forget to ask God for direction, He'll never steer you wrong!!

Till next time.........I'm stillunTHICKINandsoTHINNIN!

ps.......I'm teaching myself to sew and I made the blouse I'm wearing in this picture! ;)


  1. I think it's a good thing you're learning to sew cause you're gonna have to take in all your clothes!!

  2. Great job.... and sewing is a wonderful hobby! You're looking great!


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