Sunday, February 7, 2010

So Much to Share.............

All of my life I've wanted a Hoosier Cabinet. As some of you know, we are getting ready to do some minor kitchen remodeling. The Man came home from work last week and said, Why don't you buy yourself one of those cabinets that you been wantin'. Well let me tell you, that was all I needed to hear. I got right on Craigslist and started looking. I found one about an hour south of us that was VERY reasonably priced. It had been restored in the 70's and had been in use in the couple's kitchen for the last 33 years. That just happens to be how old I am now ;) So on Saturday we went and picked up this beautiful piece of history!  I can't wait to spend Monday getting it all set up the way that I want it.  Since it's been restored it will be strong enough to stand up to the rigors of daily use that I intend on putting it through!
Also on Saturday my folks came to spend the night with us so my Mom and I played with Steve.  I learned a great deal!  Mom taught me how to bind my quilt.

And here is the finished baby quilt.  I've decided since I'm setting up a hope chest for The Youngun, that I'm going to put this quilt in it for her.

Steve and I also finished my blouse! 

I really like my blouse!  It's comfy, modest yet cute and I've got such a sense of satisfaction knowing that i made it myself. 

I've got a bit more to share, but will do so in a day or two! 

Till next time..............GOD BLESS FROM GOODWIFE FARM!


  1. That Hoosier cabinet is gorgeous. I got on a Hoosier kick about 20 years ago. I bought one 2nd hand, it's in terrible shape--somebody painted it a horrible shade of muddy brown. And it's been sitting in my basement all this time! I never have time to renovate it. Oh--but yours is so inspiring I may do it yet. Have you got the sifter so you can actually use it for bread-baking, etc? ~m (from weight watchers)

  2. Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving me a comment! This cabinet didn't have the sifter. They had taken it out and put shelving in there instead, which is actually ok with me because I don't think I'd store my flour in there anyway. I'd worry about bugs. I don't use hardly any white flour and I don't sift my wheat flour so it works out ok. You really should renovate your cabinet, they are just so gorgeous. I was thrilled to find this one, so very reasonably priced, and in such good shape! As I said, I plan to USE it so it had to be in good shape. Thanks once again for stopping by and commenting! :)

  3. I like your blouse too! Beautiful Quilt :)


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