Thursday, February 4, 2010

I'm a Sewin' Fool!

Good grief, this birthday present may have created a monster!  Yesterday I decided to try and tackle making something with a pattern.  My mom told me not to read it, just to look at the pictures, so with that knowledge in hand I got out some muslin fabric and went to town!  I got it all pinned on and cut out and had the front pieces sewn together then I had to gather.  I had no clue how to I turned around to my trusty computer and did a search. it.......know how to gather. 

Then the door bell rang.  It was Darlin' Deb and boy was I glad to see her!  I thought about calling her to ask how to gather, but I didn't want to bother her.......silly me.  So anywho, she had brought over a blouse that she had made.  She wanted me to try it on because she wants to make me one.  It fit except was tight across the shoulders and arms (cause I'm a super duper body buildin' mama!) and it was beautiful!  I really liked it alot and Darlin' Deb is a good seamstress. 

She proceeded to inspect my work and break into a fit of giggles at the mess that I had made of cutting out my pattern.  See, if I don't understand the importance of something (ie, points) on a pattern, I don't make a big deal of making sure I cut it out nicely.  So.........there was some stuff on my pieces that didn't exactly match up.  Darlin' Deb was having a fit of the vapors that my mom would've been proud of, but she went ahead and helped me out anyway, repeating over and over under her's only for practice, it's only for practice............LOL! 

Here is Deb showing me how to pin a sleeve on....
She actually does have a face, but she's a bit camera shy so I told her I'd just get her hands in the picture.  Silly Darlin'!

Here I am sewing the sleeve on........

Such concentration!

Today I'm sewing the other sleeve on, and I have a confession to make..........I sewed the first sleeve on inside out!  So the seam is showing........LOL!  Such adventures in sewing.  After I get this sleeve sewed on (the right way) then I'll have to rip the seam out of the other sleeve and take it off so that I can sew it on properly. 

I'm really enjoying learning to sew and I'm thankful for Darlin' Deb and the help that she's giving me.  It's a lot of fun and really gives me a feeling of satisfaction to take a flat piece of fabric and transform it into something I can wear!

Deb also taught me how to make buttonholes with my machine.  I was trying to turn the piece every time I turned the buttonhole dial on my machine.  Such a goober I am.  I didn't know that the machine did it all!  I was able to make a beautiful buttonhole as soon as I let Steve (that's what I named my sewing machine) do the work! now that you are completely sure that I'm totally nuts.........I'm of to finish my shirt!  Pictures to come when it's done. 

Stay tuned for the continuing love story of me and Steve...........and as always till next time.........

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  1. LOL! STEVE! That's so funny. Can't wait to see the pics of the completed projects.


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