Thursday, February 25, 2010

Star Watch.......2010

As of today, my little Star is at 148 days.

Between 145 and 150 is average, so we should have kids on the ground any day now. Her ligaments are still super tight as of this morning. Over the weekend she got her pre-kidding haircut.

I do this because having babies is a messy business and her tail hair would get all matted with blood and goo if I didn't (remember you can take a bath, not so for a goatish mama). It still will a bit, but not nearly as bad as if she didn't get a trim before hand. I also like to shave udders so that I can see clearly what the udder looks like.

Star has a darling little softball shaped udder right now! I love it! She is starting to look like she may have a slightly crooked teat like her Aunt Winnie, but hopefully not. It's not a big deal, just harder to get it pointed into the bucket!

She is a very shy goat, as I've mentioned before so I'm hopeful that milking will go well. She's fine once she's on the stand and eating, and she's fine to come up for a scratch and a pat, she just doesn't at all like to be restrained. This is due to a very very tramautic disbudding when she was a kid. I didn't have the equipment to do it at home so I had the vet do it. After that, I came home and ordered my disbudding iron. Never again will I put a goat through that ordeal!! That pretty much scarred her from being restrained and so she's very shy now.

I'll leave you with a short video that I took on Monday evening...


  1. she has such a sweet face :)
    here's praying everything goes well at the kidding !

  2. Here's to healthy kiddin'!

    Those are some prego goats in the video. Can't wait to see all the lil baby goat pics and videos. It was so much fun to watch my baby goats when I had them.

  3. Oh goodness..I cant wait to see the baby pics..Cute video!

  4. Those goats are pretty big and round - anxious to see those babies!

  5. WE are getting close to kidding time 10 days and counting!!!


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