Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A nice NSV (non scale victory) and an itty bitty catastrophe....

This morning I had my workout gear on and was in the bathroom putting my hair up prior to taking my daughter to school. She came in the bathroom, looked at my midsection and said "Mom! You look GREAT!" I said, well thanks baby! She said, "I can really tell that you are getting skinny!" Oh how good that made me feel! I workout in a really tight Danskin tank (to hold the girls at bay) and a pair of bootcut Danskin pants and I guess this morning she really noticed. It's so nice when an unsolicited compliment comes your way! Now....on to the catastrophe....

I was out on the treadmill in the hillbilly hotel totally rockin my Couch to K program. 13 minutes in, I hear a beating on the door. I'm in the middle of the running segment so don't want to stop, hear a frantic beating on the door again. So I jump off the treadmill to go see what's up and there is my very young (19) neighbor Cassie holding her pit bull puppy Maverick. Mav is wrapped up in a curtain of some sort. I looked up and Cassie's stricken face said "He's got a fishing lure stuck in his paw!!" Her boyfriend Jerry was at work and when she called him he told her to bring the puppy over to me to see if I could help. So me being the farm gal that I am, told her to bring him over to the other garage. I set him down on the deep freeze to ascertain the damage. That silly puppy had the hook looped through his paw all the way. The barbs of the hook were embedded so that I couldn't even slide the hook around. I clipped the hook off down closer to his skin and tried to get it out with pliers but it wouldn't budge. I told Cassie I was just going to cut his skin to get it out. Poor dear, she almost fainted then and there! She said, "Well I can't watch!!" I went in, got a sharp knife, and telling her to hold him down as tight as she could, I slit the skin, grabbed the hook with the pliers and got it out. Maverick was such a trooper he only whined twice! Such a good boy.

Off they went back home, and I got on the treadmill to finish the last 7 minutes of my workout, and then do the weight lifting portion of my day. I'm glad I was home to help her and little Maverick out!

Til next time...I'munTHICKINandsoTHINNIN

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