Thursday, September 10, 2009

Busy Busy Busy...

Been making lots of salsa with the last of the tomatoes. I also canned some vegetable juice, which is really tasty. Monday I made a huge pot of vegetable soup with rabbit meat in it and canned that up. It is delicious and will taste amazing this winter! I don't buy convenience foods because I don't like all the sodium that they typically have in them. This way I can just pop open a jar of soup and have a hearty healthy meal in minutes!

Since joining Weight Watchers, I've developed a lot of really yummy healthy recipes! Today I made some whole wheat pita breads which were delicious. I got the recipe from here They were super easy and super super good! Yesterday I made some whole wheat tortillas and fixed myself some chicken fajitas for lunch. The tortillas were delicious as well.

Things are good here at the homestead. We got 25 meat bird chicks in the mail last week and just had a litter of rabbits born early this morning. Nothing tastes as good as food you've raised and prepared yourself!

I've started a new quilting project. I'm working on the piecing now. Hopefully will have it all pieced and ready to quilt by the time cold weather gets here.

Hope all is well at your homesteads!


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