Tuesday, September 8, 2009

9 week weigh in........and it pays to shake it up!

Just got offa the scale and I'm down 2 more pounds! That makes my 9 week total loss 17 pounds! Whoo hoo!

Saturday I decided to vary my workout a little bit. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday the treadmill and I have our love affair. I also do 120 crunches (3 different ways) and work out with weights on those days. Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday are usually my elliptical days as well as more weight lifting. However, the dreaded Program Two hasn't been so dreaded lately. As a matter of fact, it barely makes me sweat any more which isn't as fabulous as it sounds, cause that means I'm not working that hard. It is fabulous however because that means that I'm getting stronger and more fit and my endurance is picking up!

So, now that we've ran all the way around the trailer park to get to my point, on Saturday I wanted to try something different to shake things up. I put in my 10 minute solutions Kickbox Bootcamp dvd and programed it to do 4 of the 10 minute programs. One of them is called Fat Blast and let me just tell you that that one isn't made for chunky chicks!! I told hubby that one is for gals that are already fit and there was no free-cockin way that I could even attempt that yet! So, I did 30 minutes of this dvd and thought, ok, that was fine, no biggie. Well let me just tell you that Sunday my booty was sooooo sore. My butt cheeks hurt so bad that I could barely get sit down on the potty! So......for now I've broken up with the elliptical machine and am going to do this dvd for a couple weeks and see what happens. I also am starting the couch to 5 K running program and will see where that takes me.

To make a long boring story, even longer and more boring things are great!

Till next time....I'm unTHICKIN and fabulouslyTHINNIN!

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