Sunday, July 12, 2009

Will it never end?

When will our government stop???? I just read an article that the Pentagon is considering banning smoking by all military personnel including ACTIVE DUTY SOLDIERS. So a man or woman can make the decision to sacrifice their life to defend our country...........but they can't make the decision about whether or not they should light up a smoke???? Are you kidding me?? I'm not a smoker and I enjoy going to a place to eat where I don't have to smell smoke......BUT and this is a big ole but..........if I don't want to be around smoke I don't go around it. I don't tell other people that they can't smoke. People this is getting really scary.

We as Americans have to stop this kind of stuff. Our rights are being stripped away from us. From people living in subdivisions where they tell you what color to paint your house, what color the backs of your drapes have to be, what kind of DOG you can have, and what your beverage has to be in if you are drinking it in your yard; to telling our hard working servicemen and women that they can't smoke in the single most stressful job in the world. And not to sound like a lunatic, but it begins with our children in school. They are indoctrinated not to ask questions. You must do it this way because I said so. That breeds a population that is very very malleable. Raise your kids to question authority.....raise them to do it respectfully, but tell them to ask WHY. And if they don't get the answers they want, tell them to keep asking. Yeah this makes our jobs as parents harder, but it will breed a stronger human being. A human being who won't follow along blindly. One who will know where they are going, and why they are going there, not a sheep or a lemming to follow blindly along wherever the crowd is headed. I'm sorry to say that our government has alot easier job (not to mention incredibly more power) when the populace sits there and says, well they can do this because they are the government. They must know best.

When I worked at the school I don't know how many debates I had with the principle and secretary about how my daughter is MY DAUGHTER and if I call her in sick to school that should be enough. If I say she won't be there it is none of their business why or where she is.

There was a story recently about a little girl that was strip searched to find an ibuprofen. STRIP SEARCHED.........without her parents presence. I was outraged to find this out. I brought the topic up at school and of course they had their justifications for it. I don't care if you think my daughter has a baggie of cocaine up her'd better call me to be there while you strip search her underage body for it. She is my child. If this little girl wasn't so indoctrinated with; Well they are my teachers, I have to do what they say no matter what; perhaps she would have refused this search. After reading that article in the NEA magazine, I sat my daughter down and had a talk with her. I told her that if anything like this ever happened to her that she was to refuse to submit to a search. They can search your locker, they can search your backpack, they can tell you to take off your shoes and empty your pockets, but if it goes ANY further than that, you REFUSE. Tell them to call your mom. If they try to force you to submit to it, you refuse violently if you have to. They have no right to strip search you. NONE. I also told the principal of the school that I worked at to be prepared for my husband to come in and strip search HIM if he tried this with my child.

I remember a conversation with my 10 year old daughter a few months ago. She came home and told me that the teacher made them go to the bathroom and she didn't have to go. I said, "Well they can't make you go." and she said " Yes huh, they make us go." I took that opportunity to explain to her that they could tell the kids they have to go to the bathroom. They can tell you that you have to at least try to go, but they cannot MAKE YOU PEE! It's a funny little story, but my daughter was really distressed that they were MAKING her go to the bathroom when she didn't have to go. I just wanted her to try to understand that it isn't something someone can make you do. Just because they are an authority figure in your life they can't force you to pee. I also took that opportunity to explain to her that nobody could ever take her Jesus away from her because He is in her heart. Even if it ever happens that someone tells her that she cannot worship Jesus, nobody can stop her from it because Jesus lives inside us. You don't have to kneel down, you don't have to close your eyes. You can talk to Jesus all day long without anybody even knowing you are doing it if you have to!

Once again I say THEY ARE OUR CHILDREN. Whether at school, church, or the mall, she is my daughter and I will take responsibility for her actions until she turns 18. I guess a big part of the problem is that parents don't take parenting seriously. They don't want the hassle so they would rather the courts, or the schools, or the community raise their children.

This has turned into quite the rambling post, but it just outrages me that our rights are slowly being stripped away. I'm not sure what to do about it beyond raising my child to question authority and making our view heard. I know that we aren't the only people who feel this way.

Keep your kids close'; protect them, love them, nurture them, discipline them. Raise them to have smarts, and most importantly to USE them. Raise leaders, not sheep!

Till next time...........GOD BLESS FROM GOODWIFE FARM

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