Thursday, July 23, 2009

Program two...........

Oh how I hate you Program Two! You sick sadistic *&^&*$$&$^%*)!! I hate you so! Why can't you be more like Program One? Sweet gentle Program One........with her gradual resistance, but never ever much, no never too much resistance. Program One, who is kind and gentle and says "Hey it's ok if we don't sweat or breathe hard! At least you aren't on the couch eating peanut butter cups. Who cares if you can sing the Star Spangled Banner (if I could carry a tune without a bucket that is) without missing a note the whole time you are exercising, it's ok.'s ok." No not you Program Two. You are the sadistic drill sergeant who says "COME ON YOU FLABBY MAGGOT! LETS GO......MOOOVE IT!" You barely give me time to get on the silly machine before you have the resistance so hard that I can barely move the paddles! Then when I get in the rhythm of that you leave off some resistance and say "COME ON FATTY, FASTER, FASTER, FASTER!" I curse you the entire 30 minutes Program Two........but I know it is you that is making the difference. Program One is the sweet friend who would let you go out of the house with a booger on your face because she doesn't want you or she to be embarrassed by telling you. Program Two is the friend who would fall down laughing saying "You are going out like that?!!" Riddle me this.........if you are going on a job interview.........which friend do you want with you just before you walk in?? I hate you Program Two, but I'm thankful for you just the same!

Till next time.........I'll be unTHICKIN and totallyTHINNIN!

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