Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My second weigh in.......

Well well well..............I was very nervous to weigh in. I was laying in bed thinking that there was no free-cockin way that I was going to have lost weight. Every time I've lost weight in the past I've had to starve myself and I've been eatin good on the WW! So I was laying in bed thinking, alright if I don't lose any weight then I'll just have to cut back and stop using up all my points........

Weighed myself and I'm DOWN 3.2 LBS! WHOOO HOOO! Go me! Wow, I was on cloud nine! I looked like Miss America when they announce her as the winner. Pretty funny stuff actually! I had to rush to the phone and call Daddy P. Of course once again in Daddy P fashion he said..."Good." LMAO! He's such an emoter, just gushes all the time! It gave me the steam to get out there and get on that silly elliptical machine and get to sweatin!

Today I made it through the dreaded program two again and that was pretty awesome as well. I was ready to quit about 10 minutes into the 30 minute program but I "endeavored to persevere" and made it. Then I went out and rode Champ for some more exercise. Needless to say the horse isn't enjoying all this activity. As soon as he saw the halter coming he fled the country! Never fear, we bribed him with food (we are soul mates he and I) and he came back to the barn.

So anyway, things are going great. I've gotten a little discouraged once in awhile, but have managed to stay focused. Hopefully I can keep kicking my butt into line when I try to stray. It will help if all of you faithful readers send a few kicks my way as well!

Till next time........I'm unTHICKIN and soTHINNIN!

ps.......I've decided to just post the update photos once a month. That way hopefully we'll be able to see some changes!

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