Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My husband got married this weekend.......

 Daddy P and I have been married for 13 wonderful amazing happy happy years. He wore a wedding ring for about the first 6 months. When we first got married he was a butcher. Within a few months of our wedding he was lifting a 50# box of meat and smashed that silly ring onto his finger so bad that he had to use pliers to get it off. I said...TAKE IT OFF! It's not worth you losing your finger to wear a ring and he hasn't worn one since. That has always been totally ok with me. I could have cared less whether he had a ring on or not, because marriage is in your heart, not on your finger. That said.......there is something terribly sexy about a rough, strong hand wearing a wedding ring.

Fast forward 13 years later.........Daddy P is Operations Manager for a major waste hauling company. He doesn't work with his hands at work anymore and could conceivably wear a wedding ring. I casually made that remark the other day (just because of my secret sexy thoughts of those masculane hands wearing wedding rings) and so while we were at wally world this weekend he detoured over to the wedding bands. (Yes I said wally world........ain't no way either of us is gonna pay over 300 bucks for a ring!!) He found a nice plain thin silver band that he liked for 48 bucks and we bought it.

So my hubby got married this weekend. Every time I catch sight of that rough hand with that band on it, my heart gives a flutter. Of course every time I look at pretty much any part of my man my heart gives a flutter, his eyes, his mouth, his biceps..........oh sorry, I could go on and on! It's nice to be ridiculously, stupidly in love with your hubby after 13 years. It's what I wish for my daughter and every woman I know. Our marriage is a gift from God that neither of us takes for granted.


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