Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Horseradish.......How Do I Love Thee...........

Did somebody say Horse Radish?
I LOVE HORSERADISH!  I love the creamy texture, I love the pungent fumes, I love the way it wafts up the back of my nose and makes my eyes water. 

It's a mysterious sauce though, because it only wafts up the back of my nose once during my eating episode, and it never does it on the first bite.  It's usually about halfway through my s'mamich and I LOVE the eye watering burn as it travels up the back of my nose and throat to my eyes.  It hurts sooooo good! 

I've never eaten fresh horseradish and I've never grown it, but I plan to plant some next year.  I've heard it's really easy to grow and it's like rhubarb, once you plant it you've got it forever.  I've been reading up about how to make the roots really big and really hot, so I plan to experiment until I find the perfect temperature for my palate. 

Do you grow horseradish?  Do you like horseradish?  Do you think the Goodwife is crazier than you ever thought possible?  Did you enter my Christmas contest?  It ends at midnight tomorrow! 

God Bless............


  1. Love it, Lady you are a HOOT!!!!

    Say I tried to find Horseradish this year, but nobody local seemed to have it, so... we'll order it through a cataloge and plant it this spring.

    I like the flavor as well and someplace I have a recipe for making your own. I'll look it up and share it with you, ASAP!

    Check out our blog to see the idea I borrowed from ya, it's a gift for Cortney. Can you explain( on here, I'll check back, because Cortney checks our email and she'll be wondering what you're talking abut*wink*) how to felt it or if you think I can? Thanks!
    Blessings and Hugs,

  2. My hubby is a horseradish fan. No thank you for me. He grew it back in Ohio. You have to be very careful with it.

    He can remember his Grandma making a plaster/mustard of it for certain ailments. He says talk about eyewatering!!

  3. Hi Kelle!

    Ok, does your wringer washer agitate clothes? If it does, you will want to put super hot water in it, enough to completly cover your purse. Then you just agitate it until it has felted down to where you like the looks of it. Depending how hot your water is, is how long it will take to felt. Check it every 5 minutes until it looks good to you. When you take it out, squeeze it (by hand) but don't wring it. Then you just stuff it with newspaper to help it hold it's shape while it dries. If you can't do it in your washer, or if you just don't want to, follow this link to do it on top of the stove.

    Good luck and I can't wait to see how it looks when it's felted down!

  4. Thanks GW, I'm going to give it a try and hope it doesn't shrink. My wringer washer agitates, so good to go there.

  5. I love horseradish! I don't grow it though , never tried. I thought this was a horsie post , my friend had a horse he called Radish, "hey this is my horse Radish!"

  6. I love horseradish on beef, but honestly never ever thought about growing it! It will be something to Google after Christmas! Have a Merry Merry!

  7. Hey Kelle,

    It's for sure going to shrink, but hopefully not too much. Just keep a real close eye on it.

    Everybody else, thanks so much for commenting!

  8. Hmmm... I've never tried it... although maybe... just maybe I've put it in something before... I dunno

  9. YUCK... I dont like it. But my husband does.

  10. I have to say over my long years on this old earth I have never eaten horseradish but now I really want to try it!

    Have a truly blessed day sweetie!!!

  11. Be very careful where you plant it - it takes well and its super hardy :) Its one of the first plants I tried over here this past spring in SE Montana- and it took. That and the catnip. Find yourself a senior citizen german or polish gardener and have them give you a chunk of root with some leaf on top this spring - then transplant it in a sunny location. Water occasionally until it sends up fresh leaf - thats all there is to it. My horseradish came from a plant in my garden at my old house in WI, and I got it from a neighbor's plant, who got it from her mom's plant from north dakota, who got it from a neighbor etc. - it probably came with the pioneers from the homeland :) Its that stinkin' hardy!

    I adore horseradish too - gimme a milwaukee brat, a chicago hotdog, and some fresh horseradish and Im good to go..

    Us Illinois babes have A LOT in common lol!

  12. Thanks gowestferalwoman!! I think I know a lady who probably has some so I'll see about getting a start from her. I'm excited! It takes so little to thrill me....LOL!


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