Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Felted Purse.........

This weekend was a relaxed one, full of knitting by the fire. 

My friend Rhonda is a very accomplished spinner and she has sent me some of the most beautiful yarn.  I'm always looking for something to do with it, but I'm cautious because it's so beautiful and I don't want to mess it up!  A couple years ago I made this hat with the first yarn she sent me. 

I'm not a very good knitter and knitting patterns (much like sewing patterns) cornfuze me!  I made this hat up myself and I really like it.  I wear it all the time and get lots of compliments on it. 

Rhonda sent me two other colors of her wonderful yarn and I've been hoarding it because I was waiting for the most perfect project.  I decided to make a felted purse and just made it up as I went along. 

Here it is before felting........

And here it is after felting..........

This picture is a true representation of the colors.  The before felting picture is taken in a different place and the colors don't look true.  I'm really happy with this purse, especially since I had no pattern and had to make it up as I went along.  My dad is going to make me a bone button to use as a closure for this purse.  I can't wait to get it put on so I can start to use it. 

I'm working on another, different style right now.  I'm excited to see it felted down. 

If you can knit or crochet, I highly recommend that you give felting a try.  It's such fun!

God Bless..............


  1. You are one talented lady! Both projects are beautiful and all the more appealing to me because it is made with homespun wool! The colors are gorgeous!

    I can basic crochet and would love to learn to knit but nobody seems to want to teach it and classes are in the city and cost big bucks! The only down time I have to learn this sort of skill is winter and me and driving on bad roads simply don't mix, LOL!!!! So I guess I'll keep crocheting projects. :o)


  2. Thanks Kelle! Try youtube, seriously, they have lots of videos on there to teach knitting stitches and such. I can't learn that way, but it's worth giving it a try!

  3. Ilove it I dont knit or crochet but I love that purse and hat! When I go to a farm show or things of that nature I always drool over the handmade wool items or the ones made from other natural fibers. But I can never bring myself to pay $20 for a pair of socks.... I know they are probably really good but I only have so much spare change!lol

  4. Wow, very impressive and to think you didn't have a pattern. My grandma was that good! Me, I can knit a scarf and that's it.

  5. Love the hat... LOVE the purse! Ya gotta tell me more about this felt thing!

  6. Thanks everybody!

    Jennifer, felting is such fun! It's pretty easy. You just knit or crochet something that is loose and HUGE, then you toss it in the washer on a hot load and agitate it until it has "felted" down to the size you want. The longer you agitate it, the smaller and tighter it will become. If you google it you'll find lots of info. If you have any questions for me, just send me an email.

  7. Ps........felting will only work on wool yarn. It has to be 100% animal fiber....

  8. That is gorgeous! Good for you! What lovely yarn too. I have been thinking about making a purse like that for a while but I don't often knit for myself soooo I haven't made one yet. Perhaps I will after the holidays...you've inspired me.

  9. I swear you keep amazing me with your talents! I love the hat. Very cute. And I love the colors of the purse. I can see why you waited for the perfect project.

  10. sigh. You are such a knitting artist ~ what other articles of clothing have you made? That purse is fab! My oldest daughter knits, my mother knitted - it skipped a generation with me lol

  11. Ha! You are so sweet, but as I said, I'm not very good. I can't knit to a pattern, therefore I can't knit clothes. I'm working on another purse that is a different style. I'll show you how a really poor knitter felts something that looks fabulous when I get it done.........LOL! It's all an illusion...........


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