Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ahhhh.............and General Schtuff......

Remember this post?

Well The Youngun and I went shopping and..........

All I can say is ahhhhhh.........heated mattress pads and flannel sheets for our family makes us all a happy clan!  The Youngun said it was like climbing into a hot tub!

Last Friday I made homemade bear claws..........

And then I ate one.....

And it were sooooo yum-dilly-ish-us!  Then The Youngun and I had to go up and help my dad so we took him and Granny Bob one and they said it were delish as well. 
Yesterday The Youngun and I finally got the Christmas tree up.

And while we were working on that I whipped up some homemade bread...........

and some chicken and noodles

I'm ashamed to say I used my bread machine AND I used store bought noodles.  The Youngun likes them better than homemade, poor cornfuzed child!  But the chicken used to be scratching 'round my backyard, so it was farm fresh goodness from my freezer.

Today we are off to Aldi to stock up on some groceries!  Hope you have a wonderful day!

God Bless............


  1. Those bear claws look delicious!
    Have fun shopping today.

  2. All the food looks good! We cant always be good and may Everything from scratch!lol i love Aldis! I am considering at the very least flannel sheets asa our room is chilly the Sheets are HEART stopping!Lol

  3. I wanted a heated blanket. Lee burns up in them... he said Id have to get a twin one lol.

    I just started my diet today... but mmmm those bear claws are killing me! Looks delicious!

  4. I think I can honestly say I've never had fresh chicken.

  5. I bet the beds are nice and cozy! I want that bear claw........ we had turkey noodle soup last night (turkey from Thanksgiving). My teenagers like store bought noodles better too.

  6. The heated mattress pads sounds really nice. I turn on my electric blanket before I crawl into the bed. It gets it nice and warm for me.

    I agree ... the bear claw looks really yummy!

  7. Bear claws look GOOD! Glad you got your electric blankies. I just switched out comforters on our bed this week. I pulled out MY blanky. I took our regular comforter off and put our Down Comforter on. It is so warm and cozy. We have heat/heater and fireplace but it stays cold in mine and the hubbys end of the house.

  8. Hey now! You know I'm trying to be good but those bear paws look extra yummy!

    Love your header, so warm and cozy and inviting!

    We used to have a heated matress pad, but it finally gave up the ghost, I still miss it, we used to just turn it on long enough to warm up the bed and the have a goose down comforter( Mike dislikes the heaviness of the blankets and he can kick it off his side and over to mine if he gets to hot.)

    You tree is beautiful! Cortney and I are going out to get our tree today and the plan is to decorate it this weekend.

    We're working on craft/ gifts and I found the neatest book at the local library on Gourd Crafts. Well we have several bottle neck gourds and now I'm all full of ideas on how to use them for gifts( other than a bird house)*wink* I need Mike to help me a bit using his air dremel and then we'll be creating what I hope will be treasured gifts, even some as ornaments( we have some small apple gourds too)
    I'm hoping to do a post on the results, keep your fingers crossed, LOL!!!


  9. Ok. we made the caramel popcorn from your recipe from one of your posts. We ate it all in less then 2 days. didnt have too many repercussions and it was goooood; will do it again, yay!

    Is it possible if i can make caramel popcorn kind of like a Domestic Goodwife such as yourself, that I could make them bearclaws? They looook soo goooood!

    and help me - i bought a breadman, and he's still in the box - what should i do? ;) Are the instructions that come with these machines for real? it seems too easy!

  10. LOL @ Feral woman! Yes, bread makers are that easy. And they are actually even easier, because you don't have to use "bread flour". I just use regular whole wheat or white flour and it works wonderfully. I just use it for the dough cycle and then bake it seperately, but you should for sure bust that guy out and use it! Thanks so much for the compliment on my fireplace photo and for following my kid's blog. I can't tell you how happy it is making her! ;)

  11. Wish I had your bed right now! All the goodies, bear claws, bread and soup looks so good! Sure wished I lived closer!


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