Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fellow Blogger Contest...........and My Current Projects......

My fellow blogger Jennifer over at Our Little Farm is havin' a contest.  She's got the cutest little pot belly pig named Porkchop and she's havin' a Guess Porkchop's Weight contest. 

You all should go check it out!  The only rules are that you must be a follower of her blog (which you should be anyway, cuz she's super cool) and you can only enter once. 

Now on to my current project news......

Right  now I'm working on a skinny scarf.........
The picture above shows the texture really well, and the picture below is a better representation of the actual color.

The pattern for this scarf is textured stripes and I like it a lot.  I'll be adding some nice fringe to it when it's done, but I had to stop working on it to work on these.........

Jar gifts for Christmas with The Man's family which is this coming weekend. 

I've still got to get two dish rags knitted up for it, and this is the one I'm working on now.  It's the little shells pattern, the first time I'm using it for a dishrag. 

I've got 8 jar gifts to make, 2 for each family.  One is a soup in a jar, and the other will be a quick bread in a jar.  The soups will have the dishrag toppers and I'm thinking I'll just do a fabric topper for the bread jars, unless I have time to knit rags for them as well.  I'm going to have to run to Salvation Army to find 4 baskets to put the jars in.  S/A is a GREAT place to buy baskets.  They are only a buck a piece and you can find some really cute ones.

Anywho, go on over there and follow Jennifer's blog and enter the contest!  WAIT!!  Don't....... cuz I really want to win!  ;0)

God Bless..............


  1. Thank You... hope I get some more followers and guesses! Its so much fun readin everyones post, lol.

    Love the colors and texture of the scarf your workin on. Love the neat gifts too, great idea!!! I will have to try to remember those for next years Christmas gifts. That would be cute for Birthday gifts too... I'm gonna try to do better on b-days this year and send my family/friends alittle something on their b-days, I think thats gonna be my New Years Goal :)

  2. ps. what kind of yarn do you use for your dishrags?

  3. Thanks Jennifer! I use Peaches and Creme cotton yarn from Wal-trash. I buy it in the big spools when I can find it but sometimes they only have white in the big spools. Then I buy the colored varigated in the smaller balls. Recently they've had the big spools in some pretty varigated colors though. That's a great idea to send your family birthday gifts!

  4. Great gift ideas! and the scarf looks like it will be a nice warm one

  5. Those are really cute ideas!! Soup in a jar, I've heard of cake and brownies but never soup!

  6. It's pretty good soup too. I made some up today to test it.

  7. You are so talented!! Love the soup/dish cloth idea! Oh and I went and added myself to the the contest on guess how much the pig weighs..
    So YEP you have competition!!lol

  8. You are very talented! I love the dimension in your scarf. Really nice work! :)

  9. So cute! I *love* the texture on the scarf.

  10. Cute gifts! And I love my dish rags. Got one on my sink right now!

    And scarves are very chic right now. All the cool kids are wearing them.

  11. LOL@ The Wife. I'm not a scarf wearer (I know you are suprised that I'm not one of the cool kids, I'm soo terribly chic) but I do like to knit them..............LOL!!

  12. I need to learn to knit! I'm a crocheter. I hear knitting takes less yarn. OMG, I made my niece a baby afgan for christmas, and all she gave me was a COLD!!

  13. Okay, from one fellow english' rider to another, have you ever considered making a helmet scarf type thingy? Is it possible? you know, something to cover that little space between the back of your helmet and the top of your coat that gets cold and gives you kind of like a reverse ice cream headache?

    but then it just might be me lol!


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