Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Recap............

We had a lovely Christmas here at Goodwife Farm.  Every year my folks come stay with us on Christmas Eve, waking up here Christmas morning, but this year we had heavy snowfall predicted so they arrrived the afternoon of the 23rd.

After opening gifts and stockings on Christmas morning my dad made up some biscuits and I made some sausage gravy and we had a nice breakfast.  The Man got The Three Stooges for Christmas so after breakfast and washing up, Mom and I played Yatzee while everybody else watched The Stooges. 

The Youngun checking out her Santa leavings.............

The Youngun with Mr. Stuffy, her best friend.
Christmas Day afternoon my folks headed for home, taking The Youngun with them.  My mom gets the week between Christmas and New Years off so The Youngun always goes to stay several days with them.  My sister's kid is staying as well, so she and The Youngun are having lots of fun with Pop Pop and Granny Bob.  The Man and I then un-decorated the house.  We do this every year on Christmas day.  We aren't really scrooges or anything, we just like to have the house back in order.  LOL!

In other news, my two little hussies came in on Christmas Eve.  I heard some Barry White, Can't Get Enough of Your Love Babe coming from the direction of the barn, so I'm hopeful that The Longhaired Lothario got the job done and I'll be expecting kids in late May.

Also, please keep my fellow blogger Tonia from The Simple Life in your prayers. 

It's cold here right now, but supposed to warm up into the high 50's with thunderstorms by Friday, then back down into the 30 with snow showers by Saturday.  Illinois weather always keeps you guessing!

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!

God Bless................. 


  1. Oh that's so great for the youngan to get to stay with her grandparents! That was one thing I always loved to do, especially now that I'm losing them! I cherish those memories even more. Does the house seem quiet though?

  2. Sounds like ya'll had a great Christmas. I'm ready for my tree to be down, but I will leave it up till the weekend I reckon, I did however get all the other house decoarations put away.

  3. Sounds like a very nice Christmas and thats so nice that your youngan gets to go spend time with her grandparents and ya'll get couple time. We usually take our Christmas decorations down early too, it is nice to have the house back. Enjoy your couple time........

  4. Thank you for your very sweet words!! You dont know how much they are appreciated..
    We cleared out the house Monday. No more Christmas inside.. We still have outside lights as its been to cold but they will probably come down Friday.. everyoneis like its soo bare.. I am like NOOO its clean!

  5. Thanks all! I do miss The Youngun when she's gone, but I wouldn't deny her that time with Granny and Pop Pop for anything.

    I'm glad I'm not the only early bird when it comes to dismantling Christmas!!

  6. You're definitely not the only early bird. I prefer to put it all up early and enjoy it but once it's over then I like to get it down and the house back in order.

  7. Hmmm us Polish hens leave everything up until the day after January 6 the Epiphany' and then we take it down... although the animals try to prevent me from taking the tree out... they are pagans I think and they love that darn tree...

    Yeay Young-un! No mom and dad, lots of grandparents and cousin time!!! that sounds like the best Christmas gift ever lol!


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