Monday, December 6, 2010

Old Vs New.........And The Weekend Report........

This weekend was cold and gloomy so we did something we don't do very often.  We played hooky!  On Saturday the three of us went Antiquing and then on to shopping for neccesities.  The town where we go to Walmart is about 30 minutes away.  The Wal-trash is surrounded on two sides by fields and right now the one field is full of round bales.  It is a favorite place for Red-Tailed Hawks to hang out, so Hubs was kind enough to stop and allow me to take some pics.  I never tire of seeing these beautiful birds!

Sunday was spent lounging in front of the fireplace.

The Man did this............

..............and I sat on the other side of the fireplace knitting.  It was glorious because it doesn't happen very often!  Days like this give my little pea brain plenty of time to think about schtuff so I was thinking about modern conveniences vs the old ways.  What would I give up and what am I so glad to have? 

Here you have it........

Indoor toilet.........could live without.  Angel Soft T.P............not so much!  There is nothing about a corn cob or magazine page that says toilet paper to me!

Central already know I can and do live without that.  Central way baby, I gotta get my cool on!

Electric problem living without.  Electric washing machine as opposed to a tub and wash board.........not this chickie poo!  I wasn't born to scrub clothes on a rock! that sucker outta the wall, I don't need it.  Internet.........uh.......yeah..........I need it!

TV.............nope, don't care at all.  Refrigerator............gotta have one of those.  Salmonella and I don't get along.

Ice maker in the freezer.............hello, I need this.  Filling ice trays sucks!  Microwave......naaahhh I can do without. 

Cell phone that takes my blood pressure, tells me what time to pee, and allows me to contact Mars at a moments thanks.  I don't have a cell phone period and I actually have cell phone rage, I hate the things!

Showering.............enough said.  How in the world do you do anything at all and go for 6 days between bathing??? 

I'm sure there are more, but my steaming hot shower is calling me, and I think there's a steaming hot man waiting for me as well.............Muwaahhahhhahahaaaa!   
Smiley Face

God Bless............


  1. You are so funny! I love it when you start thinking about things. You give me a chuckle. :D

  2. Thanks Brenda! My brain is a cesspool of whirling thoughts........LOL!

  3. too funny! My great grandfather died in 1998... he was 10 days shy of 108 when he passed... could you imagine how his life changed and the changes he saw in that time frame!

  4. Not showers, indoor toilets,TP,washing machines and internet are some of the things I cant live without!! Ice maker is the best thing ever along with the Frig and Central air!
    I can live without the phone,TV and Microwave for sure!!
    Days off like that are good to have! Everyone needs a sittin,knittin and nappin day even if you dont actually knit like me!Lol

  5. Camera - you forgot to add your camera!! :)

    We also say you have to be careful otherwise "Sally Manilla will come to visit" :o!

    I could picture you there, rocking back and forth while knitting, contemplating this while hubby dreams away the afternoon...

  6. Hmmm ...I could give up tv, phone (land or cell) and ice maker, but I gotta have all the rest. My husband does his best NOT to let me run out of Diet Coke or Internet access. He seems to think I'm scary cranky when that happens! LOL

    We are in central Texas and Red Hawks are quite common here. We have a young mated pair that roost somewhere in the 20-acre woods next to our property. One or sometimes both of them like to sit on our round pen panels in the front paddock in the mornings. They are truly beautiful.

  7. Very Cute... Lazy day are so nice to have. We've had a hawk hangin around for a few days, I've seen it twice on the fort we built just lookin around tryin to find something to grab. Pretty cool... just hope it doesnt grab one of my chickies!

  8. I could live without all of the above, now would I want to, no not really! I like indoor toliets( especially in winter) Having refirgeration and freezer is a priviledge I pray we'll not have to live without.

    Feel the very same way you do about cell phones, and I have cell phone rage as well. It really gets under my craw when I'm grocery shopping and someone's phone rings. Like you can't even step out for 30-40 minutes to grocery shop without a phone growing out of your head??? Texting really sends me over the edge, LOL!!!

    Your weekend sounded heavenly, we need those every now and again. This past weekend we didn't get a day off, so looking forward to a day off next weekend, in fact I'm blacking one day out!
    Blessings for your week,

  9. Hee hee... cute post.... a little devil pic too!Funny the things we decide we could really do without.... Oh how times are a changin'


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