Monday, December 13, 2010

To Granny Bob's House We Go...........

Yesterday was our Christmas celebration with my folks and my sister and her family. 

We awoke to this.....

This picture is of my barns.  They are about 50 yards or less from my house where I'm standing taking the picture.

The side yard from the back door.

At the gas station looking at the highway.....

The highway north out of town......

The PV road on the way to my folks.......

This is Mr. Stuffy..........The Youngun's best friend.  He had to bundle up and come to the party!
My folks live about 40 miles north of us and it's country all the way.  No place to even stop to go to the bathroom if you gotta go.

Mom called at around 7:30 and asked.........."Did it snow down there?"  LOL!  Yup, that's my Momma.  I wanted so bad to say..........Hecks no, it's 80 degrees here!  But I resisted the temptation.  She told me Dad said to call and tell us it was blowing real bad up there.  I said........"I've got a pumpkin pie, a pecan pie, a cheeseball, salami, bologna, cheese, and crackers ready to come to your house.  We'll be there!"

Anyhow, we got Black Betty all loaded up and headed north for the day.  The fastest I've ever made the trip is in 34 minutes but yesterday it took us an hour and a half to get there.  Very slow going as at times visibility was zero.  My sister lives about 80 miles northwest of us and they made really good time.

We all had a great day together! 

Do you remember this picture my dad took of himself at Thanksgiving?

Well with the magic of Picnik I was able to make this..........

And with the wonders of Shutterfly I made this into a mug for Dad for Christmas.  He liked it!

We also used Shutterfly to make an ornament for Granny Bob

Doesn't my mom look like a teenager?? 

  Hope your weekend was a good and safe one as well.  Please don't forget to participate in my contest!!

God Bless................


  1. Thanks for sharing your pictures. Living here in south Texas, we don't see scenes like that. Reminds me of Ohio.

    Have a wonderful afternoon and stay warm.

  2. I think I'd have been a smart alic too :)... haha :).Glad you made it safely and it should have really reminded you of Christmas!

  3. Nice snow! Its adding up here too. Stay warm!
    All the Best,

  4. Glad you made it there and back safely. I was thinking of you today with the reports of the snow up North. Your family is so funny!

  5. Look at all that snow! We got snow here too. Glad ya'll had a nice safe road trip for Family Christmas :)

  6. Glad you made it safely and had a nice tome. Those roads did not look good

  7. LOL @ the 80*! Glad you all had a safe trip and had a good time!

  8. Mom does look like a teenager! And you got snow for "Christmas!" I'd blame that wish on the young'un ;)


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