Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Latest Projects..........

After finishing up my felted purses, I started this Basketweave baby afghan

This photo shows the texture really well..........

But this picture shows the color more accurately.

It measures 39.5"x26" and is made of Red Heart worsted acrylic yarn in country blue.  The accent color is a blue multi, but I don't remember what it is called.

I've no clue what I'm going to do with it.  Perhaps I'll just put it in the trunk until I find a recipient for it!

Then I knitted up this scarf.  It's made with wool ease thick and quick yarn in two lovely shades of blue and I used the little shells pattern, although about halfway through the scarf I figured out I messed up the pattern!  I forgot an entire row in the pattern sequence but figured as long as I did the whole thing that way I'd be good and it worked out ok.  LOL!

I'm going to give it to one of my Darling Aunties, Darling Youngest Auntie to be exact.  I was working on it at her house on Saturday and she said it would match her school colors (she's a teacher).  So I'm going to get it in the mail to her tomorrow.  I just finished it last night.

Now I've got to go through the yarn stash and figure out my next project!

God Bless................


  1. Wow - you have some great projects going! Very nice - I cannot do a thing with yarn! Have a great day!

  2. Wow you are so productive! Very nice.

  3. Those are lovely projects. It is so much fun creating. You've got me wanting to work on the crocheted spread I started awhile back.

    Have a wonderful Christmas and a great new year.


  4. Very nice ! if you don't have any babies in the family that vcould maybe double as a lap blanket for a senior?The scarf is lovely. My sister and I were talking about making prayer shawls

  5. Oh I Love the scarf! I can only do a basic knit pattern. My grandma used to be the best knitter and all patterns were in her head i think, although she could read a pattern and do it. She used to make me sweaters every year that when I was younger I didn't care so much for... Now that she's gone I MISS those sweaters!

  6. Very nice! I crochet, but I haven't learned many stitches yet. I love the basket weave blanket. I'll have to find a pattern for that one.
    Oh, and love the scarf too! Great colors!

  7. The Blanket is beautiful!!! You have got some skills girl! :)

  8. Nice Work... I love the basket weave baby blanket :)

  9. Thanks so much everybody! I'm in a knitting mood..........quilting, not so much right now! LOL! At least I'm using up lots of yarn surplus!

  10. Love the baby blanket pattern. It's beautiful! You do such nice work.

  11. I LOVE the basket weave blankie! I'm a big basket weave fan anyway - I keep thinking I'll use it to make an afghan b/c I know several Longaberger Basket fans, but I haven't found the time to commit to a big project. I've been working on making kid sweaters (the goat kind). We have friends who've always used heat lamps in their barn b/c they like their kids born in Jan. (Boers). Well, last year they had a lamp fall and it nearly burnt their barn down so I'm making them some sweaters as a safer alternative.
    However, The Husband swears that there is a rule against putting sweaters on our own livestock (even if they ARE mine!). I'm making a few anyway in natural colors so that he won't notice from a distance. I'll just have to keep him out of the barn. . .


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