Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cold Is a State of Mind...............And Don't Forget to Enter My Contest!

I just got off the phone with my good friend Darlin' Deb.  She said, Please tell me you turned your furnace on!  Well we did turn it on, but the thermostat is set below 60*.  It is currently 58* in my living room.  The current outside temp is 19*.  We've quit using the fireplace because the thermostat is in the same room as the fireplace and it will prevent the furnace from kicking on.  That makes the living room right around 45 or below, which is pretty chilly by all accounts.  So back to the current temps in my front room.  58*..........am I cold?  Not really.  Is The Youngun cold?  Not at all. 

Today's average American is a pretty spoiled creature.  My ancestors (and not too distant ancestors at that) had only a fireplace or an inefficient pot belly stove to warm their homes.  During a snow storm they would have to shake snow off the quilts when they woke up in the morning, and break ice out of the water pitcher to wash the sleep out of their eyes. 

The first few days of this cold snap I was a little chilly, but your body adjusts.  It really, truly does!  I'm thankful that we have a warm house, plenty of blankets, wool socks, and hot showers.  It also makes it a whole lot easier to go do chores when we keep the house cool.  If my house was 70*, going out to do chores would be miserable.  This way I don't notice the cold outside near as much!  

Stay warm and snug and please go enter my Christmas Giveaway if you want!  I've changed it to two winners, one that gets the most answers and one random, so please go enter!

God Bless................   


  1. You are tougher than I ! mine is set at 65 overnight and 68 when we are here in the evenings.the woould stove is in the kitchen so I hover thee if I am cold

  2. I'm more like you, I don't chill easy but I do overheat in the summer and I get pretty crabby when it's 100F and over, LOL!!!!

    I have always said your body will acclimate to whatever climate you are used to and I find that the transition from house to outside is easier as well in the winter as it is in the summer. We do NOT use air conditioning, only fans in the windows at night during the summer and we find that we tolerate the heat much better.
    Mike's sister from AZ came last summer to visit and she wore sweaters, it was well into the high 80's but she was freezing, funny how God gave us the abitily to adapt. :o)

    BTW, we layer clothes, socks included*wink*

  3. Hmmm Yeah I don't think I could survive in a 65* house... We have wood heat and this is the type of heat I grew up with.. Its 110*(A little exaggerated) in the living room and if you get hot go to the bedroom or bathroom where its a chilly 65*!lol.. I do like my bedroom cooler its easier to sleep. But I hate clothes I get seriously claustrophobic if I have to many on and if my feet cant be bare for at least part of the day. My whole body has to breath!lol
    But we have a really good woodstove that doesnt eat the wood but uses it sparingly.. We went from and excessive amount of wood having to be cut to about 1/4 of the amount of wood.
    I like having it because in case of a power outage heat is guaranteed and I can cook on it.
    As for those ancestors .... I am glad we have come a long way from shaking snow off the blankets!LOL

  4. I get chilled too during chores if someone cranks the heat up. We don't let ours get passed 65. Keep warm!

  5. Oh I freeze in the winter. There was one winter we were without electricity for almost a week (ice storm) and I froze. I was the crankiest person b/c no matter how many blankets I piled on me and slept in long johns and sweatshirts, etc, I was frozen! Bring on the heat :)

  6. Your freezin me just thinkin about it, lol. Let me go look at what our temperate is in the house... ok its 67 degrees in here right now and just my toes are alittle cold, but if I had some wool socks I bet they would be nice and toasty :)

  7. You forgot to add how clear your sinuses are! :)


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