Monday, December 27, 2010

The Birthday Report.............

The Youngun wanted a Redwall cake for her birthday so she drew me a picture and away I went.

First I baked and cooled the cake of course.  It's homemade chocolate fudge and is yummy!  Then made up some buttercream frosting and colored some blue and some green.  Then I frosted the sky and the grass......

I don't have any more progress pictures because I was too involved with decorating the cake.  Be kind........I did it all freehand with just that drawing to the left of the cake pan to go off of!

So without further it is!

She loved it!

As you can see I added in some longer grass and some flowers.  My icing wasn't stiff enough to make proper roses so we just made flowers out of them. 

I really enjoy making these types of character cakes. 

Here is the cake from her 10th birthday.

I used a Wilton gumball machine pan and made a fish bowl out of it.  I think it turned out really cute.

I've made many over the years, but can't find pictures of them all. 

Today we went out for her movie matinee and birthday lunch.  The Youngun wanted to wait until today so that her cousin could come with us, and then they both went to stay with Granny Bob and Pop Pop for a few days. 
We saw the movie Tangled and it was really cute!  Then we went and had lunch at Arby's because that is where The Youngun wanted to go.  It was a very nice day and she had a good time which is all that matters to me. 

Christmas recap and other news coming soon!

God Bless.................. 

ps.........I want to thank all of you who extended birthday wishes to my girl.  Thank you so much, she loved hearing from all of you!  ;0)


  1. Great job!! I cant do roses no matter what the icing is like... So I improvise and do other flowers.. Sounds like a good birthday!

  2. I've decorated cakes too and it is such fun, and challenging also.

    That cake you did this year is really cool. It sounds like the 'youngin' had a nice bday.


  3. I think you did an awesome job on the cake...Love it!

  4. Sounds like a sweet time! Excellent job on the cake too!

  5. Great job on the cake! Happy Birthday, sorry I'm a few days late!

  6. Oh wow, that cake is fantastic! And you're serious, you freehanded that? Even better! I'm so glad she had a good birthday!!!

  7. You should go into cake decorating, those cakes are beautiful! I did a Ninja Turtle cake once for Jon's B-day and I was so proud of myself, it turned out great. A friend, who decorates cakes and makes wedding cakes helped me do a Barbie cake for Cortney's 5th B-day, it was very pretty too.

    I'm taking some down time and not baking anything! Besides the fact we DON"T need it around anyway, LOL!!!

    Take care and Happy New Year,


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