Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Confessions of a Goodwife...............Again!

Alrighty dear readers.  It's that lovely time again.  Time for the Goodwife to bare more of the shameful secrets that lurk in the corridors of her mind.

I am a compulsive confessor.  It's true.  I cannot lie and I can't even omit details because it feels like lying.  When I do blog posts I have to include details that probably aren't necessary because I feel like I'm lying if I don't put them in.  It's a real problem.  Anyway, something about one of my recent posts has been bothering me...........I won't rest until I've set the record straight.

Remember this handsome fella?

Well today's confession involves him. 

Are you ready?........................

I didn't lease Tommy, or even borrow him.

Are you ready??..................... 

I bought him.........

There I said it.  Whew, I feel sooo much better!  Such a load off my mind.  See I leased a buck that was pretty much worthless.  I was a nervous wreck the entire time he was here.  I was so afraid something would happen to him and I'd be liable.  Not to mention my girls were both in a raging heat while he was here and he simply ran away from them.  I kept him for about 3 days and took him back.

  To offset my worries I determined to buy a buck, use him, then sell him on down the road once the "deed" was done.  I found Tommy on craigslist, he was a wonderful deal, fit, healthy, and handsome.  He didn't have a name so we decided to call him Tommy Twotone cause of his face being split in color.  

He is fitting in nicely around here although the first day he wouldn't stay in.  See my girls are broke, broke, broke to hot wire.  Tommy, not so much.  He would hop right through the 4 strands and his hair is so long he wasn't getting hit with it.  We put up a 5th strand and he still got through it, so he had to be locked up in the buck barn.  The next day I took him on a walk down in the back to get a feel for the place, then that night I locked him up in the main barn with the girls.  Next day I let him out and he got shocked about 4 times, but has stayed in ever since.  I suppose he's figured out this is home and that wire hurts! 

Will I sell him after the girls are bred?  Probably, but with me you just never know!  Those horns really bother me, even though they make him look like a mountain goat and very virile, so that will probably be a factor in my selling him.  However long he's here with us, we'll take good care of him and show him the love that only a true goat-girl can show a rutting buck..............

God Bless.................


  1. Girl you are so funny..... I cant lie either! Half the time I cant even joke lie, its just not in me, lol.

    Thats good you bought Tommy Twotone, I would have been nervous about leasing too. He is so pretty.

  2. That's funny. I'm the exact same way! My friends laugh at me because I'll call them a few days after talking to them and correct myself or better explain myself..don't want to mis-lead anyone either! My daughter fusses at me for doing that...but she's the same way now!

    Love the goat by the way...I've always wanted to own two of them...Jethro and Ellie May!

  3. Tee hee hee ladies! I'm so glad I'm not the only one. My husband likes to tease me because I just can't do it, even like you said Jennifer, in a joking way. There are worse things we could be than chronic truthtellers I suppose! ;)

  4. Interesting.. I am good at not volunteering info. My husband is Notorious for telling the truth and whatever he thinks about things or people.. He has no bones about it either.. Sometimes I am like oooo please dont say anything!Lol He doesn't mean to be rude just if they want to know he tells them whether they like to hear it or not. However he has mellowed over the years. But when it comes to certain family members he is very blunt. He says that is the only way to get through to them!Lol
    Of course he has had fewer mishaps with friends than I have over misunderstandings.
    On the buck I have never been successful in keeping one behind electric fence when girls are in heavy heat. You can see them tense up then through the fence they go!lol
    I know a lot of people who do that buying, breeding and selling thing. Especially if you aren't set up for a buck and only have a few goats.

  5. lol theres a reason why they call me feral all these years lol I have also been called a woman of NO moderation...but Im learning how to keep my mouth shut..but it hurt sometimes...

    Listen, if this is the worse thing youve done all year, then i think I would have no problem having you hold my checkbook for me while i work in the woods tee hee!

  6. I had a billy goat once. We called him Houdini because he'd NEVER stay in so I totally feel your pain :). Does your daughter have much to do with the animals?

  7. Better to buy I guess the leasing would worry me too! Being honest is absolutely not a flaw!

  8. What a handsome fellow that boy is! The girls are sure to go wild about him. Be careful about having him with your horse though. The uncle had his buck in with his horse and one day I went over to visit with the horse and he had a huge chunk out of his nose. I said "Wind walker what happened!" Then the buck walks over... his ENTIRE ear was gone! They had been together for over a year when that happened... just be careful is all I am saying. :)

  9. You're so silly! But I worry when I "borrow" things too! I think Tommy is a nice lookin' fella.

  10. Heeehehee, girl you are a hoot and a half!!! Ya know they say confession is good for the soul. I don't know who the heck 'they' are but they seem to know it all!!!

    Sound like your buck has found a new home.

    Ya'll have a wonderfully blessed Christmas filled with laughter, love and fudge baby, heaps of rich delicious fudge!!!


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