Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Giveaway Winners!

Well we had a whopping 7 entries for the contest!  Makes your odds of winning pretty darned good huh?  ;)

Here were the questions again, answers are in red.

1.What breed of goats do we have here at Goodwife Farm?
We have Kinder goats here.  Kinders are a dairy breed, originally a cross between a Nubian and a Pygmy.  Tulip and her daughter Star can feed triplet kids and still have enough milk to give me 3 qts each milking once a day.

2.What is my darling yellow dog's name?
My darling yellow dog is Ellie, or Ellie-Girl

3.How many dogs do we have?
At the time of the contest we had 4 dogs, but we lost Brandy on Wednesday.  The three dogs we have left are Annie, Ginger, and Ellie.

4.What is the name of our cat?
Yup, we do have a cat.  A lovely barn cat named Willow.  The latest post I did about her can be found here.

5.What style of horseback riding do I do?
I ride English and that's the only way I ever want to go.  Started out riding western and it just wasn't for me.

6.What kind of hot rod does The Paintiff drive?
The Paintiff's baby is a 1966 Dodge Coronet that we restored together.

7.What is the name of our truck?
Our truck is named Black Betty, after the Ram Jam song!

8.When is The Youngun's birthday?
The Youngun exited my body and entered this world on December 24, 1998 at 3:47 AM

9.What is the name of my sewing machine?
My sewing machine is Steve the Sewing Machine

10.How long did The Paintiff and I date before getting married?
Our first date was January 30, 1996 and we were married March 30, 1996.  We got married exactly 2 months from our first date.

Thank you to everybody who participated!  Now on to the good stuff.............finding out if you won!

Tonia over at The Simple Life was our first entrant and she got the most answers correct.  The only question that stumped her was the name of our cat.  Congrats Tonia, you won the little pink purse!  Please let me know your mailing address and I'll get it out to you.  It may not be until Monday, depending on how easily I can get out with the ice, but you should have it before Christmas!

Now for the random drawing for the multi colored purse..........We had 6 other contestants, listed as follows

  1. Jennifer
  2. Nezzy
  3. fernvally01
  4. Nicole
  5. tberry29
  6. Growing Up a Country Girl
And the winner by random generator is.................

tberry29!!  So Trish, send me your mailing address and I'll get your purse out to you!

Thanks again everybody for playing along!

God Bless................


  1. Very cool Facts! Your baby is a December baby like me! Just in case I some how miss it through the hustle and bustle "Happy Birthday Youngun"!

  2. Congratulations To The Winners!!!

  3. I woulda gotten em all wrong. I have a horrible memory. I like reading the answers though!! :D Congrats to the winners! I'm sure ya'll will enjoy your gifts!

    Merry Christmas Goodwife!
    Blessings from Jessica

  4. WOOOOHOOOO I won... Darn you Willow you sneaky little thing! SO sorry you lost your Brandy...

  5. Congrats...... Hope Saturday finds you all warm and snug...We are counting the days til Christmas or until Younguns Birthday.... Happy Birthday to You!

  6. I went back and read and I was even mentioned in the post about your cat!Lol When I read it I remembered..

  7. Hey I've been missing in action and just now catchin up on my blogs...Yay! I won. WIshed I woulda found out sooner. Thanks girl! Congrats to Tonia! I put you a Christmas Card in the mail dont know if you got it yet..I will email my address just in case.

  8. Hey Trish! I did get it and thank you so much! I'll mail you the purse tomorrow!



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