Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Baby It's Cold..................INSIDE!

'Round here, we don't like to turn the furnace on.........cuz we're cheap like that and cuz we don't like it too hot in the house. 

Hence we been doin' lots of this....

Which led to this.......

And then we found this.......

Which means, yup you guessed it.....I boak'edid my toy.  :0(
It's in the shop and evidently this is the first time anybody has destroyed this particular part on this particular chain saw, so I'm famous!  Hopefully it'll be fixed by this coming weekend, but I digress from the point of my post.....
Cutting all that wood means this....

Which means I can get by without turning the furnace on.........for a while.  I loathe turning it on, and put it off as long as I can.  December is as far as we've ever made it, which brings me the long way around the trailer park to the point of my story.......

Current outside temp is 31*F with a wind chill of 21* F

Current temp in my bedroom...........

In case you can't tell that would be 48.8* F...........

See, the fireplace is in the kitchen and our bedroom is an added on room that is an L shape away from the kitchen.  Luckily The Youngun's room shares a wall with the chimney so her room stays pretty warm.  Our room and the living room are the coldest.  The living room is currently 51*........

I'm still not ready to turn the furnace on, however our electric blankets quit last winter and that bed is like a slab of ice when you climb in.  We are not the jammy wearing type, so if it comes down to putting clothes on or getting a new electric blanket, a new electric blanket is gonna win!  During the day we bundle up, but at night we like to be free birds, although lately it's more like frozen turkeys!

Hope you are staying warm and toasty!

God Bless........


  1. Yep sounds like us, on morning when I overslept and didn't stoke the stove at night it was 42 in the house, but really it didn't feel bad and we all wear slippers around the house because the wood floors are cold in the tootsies!!! My Mom has a fit that we keep our house so cold, she thinks 85F is cold, LOL!!!! If it gets much over 65 we're all sitting around in shortsleeves and shorts*wink*

    Sorry to hear about the chainsaw, hope it gets repaired really quick. Our two need to go in for tune ups, Mike typically does it but the one just isn't running right and he said they can adjust it better, so... saving for that now*sigh*

    Blessings for your day and stay warm!

  2. No jammies here either, but we do pile on the quilts. Of course our cold temps are nowhere near as cold as yours, or for as long either. It is supposed to get down into the 50's tonight and be that way and lower for the next few. What a relief and treat that is going to be.

    We use a radiant heat heater that we found curbside probably 35 years ago, still works great.

    Hope your chainsaw gets fixed.


  3. LOL! You made me laugh with the "free birds" part and "frozen turkeys" part! I so wish we had a fireplace but we dont. We dont like turnin the heat on either... but do to knock the chili off. We bundle up during the day and have talked about getting every electric blankets for at night. Our house is insulated pretty good, its 69 in the house right now. My toes are cold but if I had some socks on that would fix that problem :)

  4. Kelle, I know what you mean! It's always something consipring to take our money, but I suppose we just have to be thankful that God always provides. I try to wake up in the night to put wood on the fireplace, but it doesn't always work! Flowerlady, nice to meet another "freebirder" LOL! We have several blankets on our bed, but my hubby is a furnace an once we get in bed and snuggle all up it doesn't take long to warm things, but boy that first getting in is a killer!

    Jennifer....LOL! Glad I could give you a chuckle! We love our electric blankets, but they just don't seem to last very long and they are expensive!

  5. We burn wood too. I LOVE wood fireplaces. I've had one in the houses we've lived in my whole life minus one and while I was going to college. But at my parents house, if it's cold you ALWAYS find me standing on the fireplace in front of the blowers :) At our current house our fireplace is different, I can't stand on the fireplace. Oh well I can still stand in front of it :)

  6. We burn wood and do have electric back up but I HATE to turn it on and I see little dollar signs coming out of the vent instead of heat!Lol
    We have lots of blankets and Hubby has a high body temp so he keeps me warm! Girls pile on blankets and have a couple of fuzzy ones they sleep on.
    We have also been insulating and caulking windows to stop air flow.. how ever I am feeling slightly claustrophobic!LOL Never lived in a tight house that didnt have "air Flow" around the windows!LOL
    Fellow freebird here.... Its that claustrophobia thing cant be bound up in anything without getting short of breath!lol

  7. Holy moly girl!! I'm sitting here with a sweater, quilted flannel shirt on over it and a blanket. My thermostat says it's 70 degrees in here! I would be a popsicle at your house! Can't hang woman. I'm a big wuss when it comes to the cold.

  8. Yeah, hubs is a nakie boy, which is ok cuz he runs a low grade fever ALL THE TIME. I however, like 2 quilts and jammies.

    you, my friend, are NUTS. I vote you turn on the heat. lol.

    PS. I have always wanted a chainsaw.

  9. Wowza --- here in MN you have to turn the heat on although we do it keep it warm --- I loved our wood heat when we had it (well kinda - I do miss it but not the mess) -- Cute post! What model of Stihl chainsaw is that? ---

  10. You must be strong ladies......STRONG! LOL!

    Growing up a Country Girl, it's a MS 250 C-BE it has the wussy start so I don't have to pull on it for a thousand years to get it started. Hubby has a MS 350.

  11. Welll... real strong ladies have their own splitting mauls - with the words "the queens scepter" marked in black sharpy marker lol

    I have a friend who is partners with her husband in the logging/trucking business - it used to be sooo fun to go onsite and tease her while she loaded logs with the grappler onto the boom truck...

    but i wouldnt tease you while you have a chainsaw in your hand...;P

  12. We live in a mobile home and heat with wood. I think we went through 9 or 10 cords last year. Depends on low far below zero the temps go and how long they stay there.

    Here's a tip to get the warm air circulating. First we put a floor fan between the stove and the wall so the warm air is blown out into the house. My daughter's room is all the way at the other end of the trailer and is on the North side of the house. She stayed cold all the time until we put a box fan on the floor in the doorway blowing air out of her room and back down the hall to the living room.

    This arrangement keeps the warm air circulating.

    At least you have a Stihl and not a piece of junk.


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