Friday, November 26, 2010

The Oreo Tree.............A Birthday Party, and A Happy Thanksgiving!

Yesterday we had my family here for Thanksgiving..........most of my family that is. 

My folks aka Granny and Pop Pop
My sister and her husband and daughter
Darling Auntie and Uncle Dino
Cousin Dee and her New Man
Uncle Big Dog, his Longtime Woman, and her two boys
And then of course the three of us.

Missing was, Cousin Dee's two kids who were at their dad's,  Aunt Kitty and Uncle 4, along with Big J, Little D, and Q-baby.  They were all at Big J and Little D's for the day.  Also missing was Aunt Kitty's daughter Mass-A-Ash, Mass-A-Mike and their 4 kids who live in Massachusetts.  Aunt Hoggie, Uncle Alki, and their two adult children who got to Uncle Alki's family for Thanksgiving.

That made a total of 16 for turkey and all the fixin's.  It was a lovely day and such fun! 

Some of my readers may remember from last year that The Youngun's birthday is on Christmas Eve.  Because of the busy-ness of December, we celebrate her birthday at Thanksgiving. 

After gorging ourselves on way too much good food, it was time for The Youngun to open her birthday presents.  The first present was from Uncle Big Dog and L.T. Woman, that's her in the picture helping The Youngun get it open.........

What could it be you ask??  Well it's an Oreo Tree of course!! 

This is Uncle Big Dog......he's my Daddy's baby brother.

Ever since my little girl was born, Uncle Big Dog has been telling her he has an Oreo Tree in his backyard in an attempt to get her to come stay all night with him.  Well this year the Oreo Tree had babies so he gave her one for her birthday!  I truly think this is one of the greatest presents I've ever seen!  I'd like to figure out a way to shellac the cookies so that she can keep it forever, so if anybody has any ideas, let me know!

This morning when I was getting ready to do this blog post, I put my picture card in the computer and I found this......

Lordamercy!  This is my blood people.  This is the man from whose loins I spring.........Help me!  I called him to ask if he had fun playing with my camera.........He said he did, but he bout had a heart attack from it.  I guess while he was making self-portraits he laid his teeth on his belly.  He then got up to get some more to eat and forgot his teeth!  He was in the kitchen before he remembered and was afraid somebody would've stepped on, and broken them by that time, but no, praise be, they were on the floor safe and sound............Again, I say it.......this is my blood ya'll

I loved having so many of my family members in my home.  It was a lovely day, although since we don't have TV some of the family was a little bereft without the football game.  My sister was able to get it on an itty bitty screen on the computer though so I suppose they managed. 

Hope your day was blessed as well!

God Bless..........


  1. Glad your day was good!
    Lol at your dad in that pic. Too funny!
    Happy early B-day to the youngun!

  2. Thanks great you all had a wonderful thanksgiving. That pic of your dad is too funny LOL...

  3. That picture's hilarious! Very cool Oreo tree. Wish I had one in my backyard...well, I better not. I have a weakness for sweets!

  4. lordamercy!! haha im stealin that :)

  5. oh that pic had me in stitches! I've really enjoyed looking around youe blog. Have a wonderfilled day!

    Julia (in New Zealand)

  6. Blog surfing and came across yours. Love it! You have a new follower!

  7. Okay the oreo tree was a cute idea!! lol @ the self portraits!

  8. Ok I love the idea of celebrating your daughter's birthday like that! My step-daughter's birthday is about 10 days after Christmas. By the time she gets Christmas presents and then birthday presents, she's presented out and gets a little rude about it (last year anyway)

  9. lol "you cant deny blood" lol what a family - I bet you laugh until your sides hurt and your cryin' :P When my mom was alive we would have those moments where someone would need to run to the bathroom because we were all laughing sooo hard lol

    Thank you for sharing your "thanksgiving/birthday party/ family intervention" day with us :D

  10. Thanks everybody! Tina G.....welcome! Thanks for becoming a follower.


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