Tuesday, October 6, 2009

More busy busy busy!

Sorry I haven't blogged in awhile. I've been busy as a bee! We've got 9 little rabbits and another litter due any day. Naomi and Star are now both bred, and it's time to dry Tulip off for the season. I hate this because I do so love my goat milk, but we are going on vacation in November and I don't trust anybody else to milk her. She's been fresh since January and is due for a rest anyway. Next year, I hopefully will have milk the year round! We also have 25 meat bird chicks in one of the horse stalls eating us out of house and home. Since I've been on Weight Watchers, and eating lots of boneless skinless chicken breast, they will save us lots of money this year. We are also going to bone out some of the rabbit meat when we butcher and see how that works out.

Today I'm mixing up two batches of homemade ice cream. We never buy ice cream, just mix it up and make it here. It's so much better than anything you can get in the store! Since I'm drying Tulip off, we are trying to get enough made to last until Naomi kids in December. I don't think we will make it! We'll just have to do without until she freshens.

I'm also busy working on a baby quilt. I love to hand quilt and this is going to be beautiful. After it's finished, I've got another one ready to start!

Hope you are all happy and healthy!

Till next time...........GOD BLESS FROM GOODWIFE FARM!


  1. Man, this post makes me wish we were neighbors! lol.

    I am thinking about raising meatbirds again, which breed do you use? Whats your favorite? We'll probably do it again in the spring when they can free-range. Do you make cheese out of your goatsmilk?

  2. Hi! Thank you so much for leaving me a comment! I raise Cornish X because I really enjoy boneless breasts and they have such large boobies! ;) My laying hens are free range but my meat birds are in one of my stalls. With my goat's milk I make lots and lots of yogurt, it is so delicious, and I've attempted making chevre once. It didn't turn out too well! I'd love to try cheddar and probably will once my girls come fresh again. I just dried Tulip off this month and am already missing the fresh milk. I do keep it frozen and canned to get me through the dry months.

    I hope that you are enjoying little Naomi Rose and the joys of motherhood!


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