Friday, October 16, 2009

Pics of our new arrivals!

This is Moon and her litter. They will be ready to wean next week, and ready to butcher a few weeks after that. mmmmmm bbq rabbit!

You know as a mother you've often felt this way..........Help! Get me outta here! Especially with 9 children!
These are Rainy's babies the day that she kindled. They have hair now, but still don't have their peepers open. She had 6, two are dark, two are white, and two are broken. Rainy has no sense of humor about her children at all, so in order to check on them, I have to take the box out, otherwise she will try to take ME out!

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  1. awww!! those are the most precious little bunnies I've ever seen! thanks for posting this pic!! so cute :) are they snuggly now??


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