Friday, October 23, 2009

My daughter is such an amazing person. At the age of 10 she is a far better person than I will ever be. She is kind, compassionate, caring, sensitive, and yet at the same time she is a leader, a defender of those that can't or won't defend themselves, and wise beyond her tender years.

In one of my previous blog posts I was on a rant about being angry and about how you have to pick yourself up and just keep going no matter what without whining or being a drama queen. Well within a few days of me writing that post, my back went out, I had a 1 lb gain at WI, and I discovered those spots that needed to be biopsied. I was in the kitchen fixing supper and I told my husband that I knew that it was God smacking me down for my rant about whiners. I knew that it was God saying, "So you are an **** kicker huh? Well lets see if you can put your money where your mouth is!" My girlie was in the front room and she hollered into the kitchen, "Nun uhh Momma, that isn't how God does things! He loves you!!" I know that He loves me but I still think that He likes to keep me in line and humble when I need it!

She and I talk about everything, and I do mean everything. I want to have a relationship with her and I want her to know that she can come to me anytime, about any topic. She was 3 years old and she asked my dad what it meant to "make sex" My dad of course flew off the handle and says to me "I don't know what you've got going on down there but your kid just asked me how you make sex!!" So of course me being the sarcastic b!t(h that I am replied in the only possible way that I could "Gee Dad, we're making pornos and she's running the camera!" So later that day I told her that Pop Pop had mentioned that she had asked about sex. She said "Mommy I just wanted to know of Pop Pop and Granny ever made sex." I then told her that sex was how you get babies and since they had me and her auntie then yes they had made sex. Then I asked if there was anything else she wanted to know and she asked me why trees were green. She didn't need details, she just wanted a simple answer to a simple question. That has set the tone for our relationship. She knows that nothing is off limits with me or her daddy. I also explained to her that those types of questions made some people uncomfortable and she should limit the conversations to me and her dad. She's only 10 but we've had some great conversations about some sticky topics and I'm so thankful. I pray that she will continue to come to me throughout her life. Sometimes it's hard to remain composed and not react with shock to anything, but if you freak out then they will stop coming to you and that isn't an option to me!

I'm so proud of the person that she is. Her compassion for others knows no bounds. I'm not proud of this story, but when I was a little girl there was a boy in my class named Herbie. He was poor (as was I, but the difference was in that I had parents who cared and he didn't) and he smelled, really really smelled. As an adult, I'm very aware that it wasn't his fault that he smelled, he was a child! But as a child I wasn't very nice to him. My daughter reaches out to those kids. There is a boy in her class that the others kids were just horrid to. She reached out to him and has included him in her circle of friends. Every night I read her a story and right now we are reading the Serendipity books by Stephen Cosgrove. One of them was about a creature that was fat and ugly, but had the most beautiful heart in the world. No one would be her friend because of the way that she looked. When we were done with the story, she said Mom that's just like Rodney! He's a great person, all he needed was a friend! I'm so proud of her for being that friend. I'm proud that at the age of 10 she says to he!! with what others think, I've got a brain and I've got the courage and guts to use it! That is hard to do as an adult, let alone a 5th grader! She has such a grasp on things. One day a couple years ago we saw the shell of a locust clinging to a tree. She looked at it and said, "Mama this is just like what we are!" I said, "What do you mean?" and she replied "When we die, this is all we are because the important part of us will be in Heaven with Jesus"

So many examples I can give of her wisdom and depth and times that she has made me proud, but I'll leave you with this final one.

Idid a blog post several weeks ago about my daughter and my concerns for her and her eating habits reflecting mine. She has been making such wonderful choices and we've been talking alot about healthy eating, healthy weight and such which is very hard because I don't want to make her feel bad about herself, or make it a big issue.

This morning at breakfast she was having cereal. I keep very small (1/2 cup) crock bowls to eat cereal out of. That way you can fill the bowl full and still not over eat. She had eaten all of her cereal and I said, "If you are done, put your bowl in the sink please) She said that she wasn't done. Then she closed up the cereal and put it away. I asked her if she had changed her mind and she told me that yes she had changed her mind because she didn't want to be a fat ugly pig. I told her that no matter what size she was she would never be an ugly pig! To which she replied "But I would feel that way inside and I don't want to feel that way!" I said well that is good thinking because I want you to be strong and healthy!

We've discussed alot that heavy people are still beautiful and wonderful people but they can have lots of health problems and sometimes can't run and jump and play. Her best friend's older sister is a very heavy girl and my daughter commented that she walked sooooo slow, so then we discussed that even though she is a beautiful girl she is putting alot of stress on her body by being so heavy. My daughter said she didn't want to be like that so that led us to discuss once again the topic of healthy eating and being active. It is so hard to be an overweight Mama and to try so hard to make sure that your child doesn't have the same struggles that you do. It seems as if leading by example is working at my house, and I pray that it continues!

Till next time.......I'm unTHICKINandsoTHINNIN!

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