Monday, October 5, 2009

Ode to a booty.......with apology to Sir Mix Alot, The Commodores, and Tim Wilson

I've got a big butt and I cannot lie
The rearview mirror I can't deny
When I catch a glimpse of that big round dish
It makes me say Oh My!

I'm a brick house
I'm mighty mighty
I'm letting it all hang out!

Look at that booty. Show me the booty.
Gimme the booty. I want the booty.
Back up tha booty. I need tha booty.
I like the booty. Oh, what a booty.
Shakin' that booty. I saw tha booty.
I want the booty. Lord, what a booty.
Bring on tha booty. Give up tha booty.
Lovin' tha booty. Round booty.
Beautiful booty. Smokin' booty.
All about tha booty. Big ol' booty.
Serious booty. Amazin' booty.
Ooooh what a wonderful booty.

Girls, don't wait until you are at goal to love yourself. You are beautiful, wonderful, fabulous, amazing, and sexy! Live like you are already there and your journey will be much easier!

Till next time.........I'll be unTHICKINandsoTHINNIN!

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  1. Love this I will send it to my girlfriend. I love the way she is built but she seems unhappy sometimes.


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